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WWE announces Johnny Saint as UK brand general manager


Ahead of this month's events in London, WWE has named an on-screen general manager for its United Kingdom brand.

Technical wrestling legend Johnny Saint was announced for the role today. The 76-year-old Saint was most recently involved with WWE when he completed a six-month stint as a coach at the Performance Center last year before returning home to England. He was invited to spend the six months in Orlando after appearing as a guest coach in 2016.

Saint will be part of WWE's two United Kingdom Championship tournament shows at Royal Albert Hall on June 18th and 19th. The first night will feature the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals of a tournament to decide the challenger for Pete Dunne's WWE UK Championship on night two. Past that, WWE has yet to officially announce what's next for the brand or when it will be getting its own series.

“For the guys who are in the wrestling scene here in the UK, the worldwide exposure is a wonderful thing,” Saint said about the brand. “It’s something that we never really had before, so the new product is going to be tremendous for them.”

The Royal Albert Hall shows will be airing on the WWE Network on June 25th and 26th at 3 p.m. Eastern time.