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WWE announces new TV deal in Germany

WWE Germany

WWE announced a new television deal in Germany for both Raw and Smackdown after the current deals expire in March 2017.

7Sports will be airing both shows, making it the first time WWE has been able to get over-the-air deals for both of its flagship shows in that market. 

They will moving from Tele 5 (Raw) and Pro 7 Maxx (Smackdown). The former announced the decision last week not to renew its contract.

WWE claims they have a combined average of 500,000 viewers per week in the country.

"We are proud that we were able to secure this deal for Pro Sieben MAXX," said 7Sports CEO Zeliko Karajica. "This gives us the opportunity to extend our WWE coverage and make sports entertainment even more popular in Germany."

"ProSieben MAXX hare our vision and passion for engaging and entertaining WWE fans," said Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President International. "This partnership creates our primary destination in ProSieben MAXX for fans to enjoy our unique blend of action-packed family entertainment.

ProSieben MAXX will also be a marketing partner in house shows on 11/2 in Frankfort at Festhalle, 11/3 in Munich at Olympiahalle, 11/8 in Oberhausen at the Koenig-Pisner Arena and 11/9 in Berlin at the MercedesBenz Arena..