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WWE announces the retirement of AJ Lee

WWE has just announced that April "AJ Lee" Mendez aka AJ Lee has "retired" from the company.  It was going to be a tough situation for her to stay given the lawsuit against her husband, Phil "CM Punk" Brooks.

Punk had left the company last year, walking out shortly before the post-Royal Rumble edition of Raw went on the air. After months of radio silence and then resurfacing while refusing to talk about wrestling, he came to a settlement with WWE last Fall and aired his grievances on  best friend Colt Cabana's "Art of Wrestling" podcast, which came out when the clock hit midnight on Thanksgiving Day. Most famously, he revealed that WWE fired him on his and Mendez's wedding day and claimed that WWE ringside doctor Chris Amann had misdiagnosed an antibiotic-resistant staph infection for months while over medicating him.

A few months ago, Amann sued Punk and Cabana for defamation, with WWE taking Amann's side in posting a video that they claimed refuted Punk's claims. Meanwhile, AJ soon returned to WWE from resting a neck injury in time for a WrestleMania program with her and Paige against the Bella Twins, a match that AJ won for her team by submitting Nikki with the the Black Widow.