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WWE announces Roman Reigns underwent surgery


WWE announced that Roman Reigns underwent surgery today in Tampa for a broken nose that was suffered during the brawl with HHH at the end of Raw last night.

Not many details were listed in the story at

No time frame was listed for a recovery and the story was far more vague than most stories regarding top talent undergoing surgery are.  Given the timing and nature of the attack, this could be storyline related but we will update shortly.

HHH destroyed Reigns at the end of Raw, smashing his head repeatedly into the announce table until Reigns came up covered in blood.  There are videos online that appear to show Reigns being handed a blood packet by Byron Saxton during the HHH beating, which if accurate would suggest the injury is storyline.

Reigns vs. HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is expected to headline this year's WrestleMania, following Reigns winning a three-way over Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose at the WWE Fast Lane pay-per-view on Sunday night.