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WWE: Bad news for June 29 Raw ratings

By Dave Meltzer,

The June 29 WWE Raw did 3.46 million viewers, the second lowest non-holiday number for the show since 1997 -- lower than when they go up against the NFL.

The only non-holiday Raw that fell below 3.46 million viewers was on December 3, 2012, went against a monster ratings for a New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins game. What makes this number even worse is that competition was non-existent (aside from the usual Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 4) and there was nothing of note when it came to sports competition other than a ESPN baseball game that drew 669,000 viewers.

If there is a positive, the numbers for the second straight week grew during the show and peaked in the final hour. Raw was still the highest rated show on cable for the night.

The three hours were:

- 8 PM: 3.36 million viewers

- 9 PM: 3.48 million viewers

- 10 PM: 3.54 million viewers