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WWE Battleground live results: Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins


Roman Reigns returns to televised action, and we get one step closer to this week's official brand split as WWE Battleground takes place Sunday in Washington, DC, on WWE Network.

This is the fourth Battleground event in WWE history, and the first held in the nation's capital. Last year's show saw then-champion Seth Rollins defend against Brock Lesnar -- a match that ended when the Undertaker returned to attack Lesnar, resulting in a DQ win for Rollins.

This year's show again features Rollins in the main event in a three-way match for the WWE title against champion Dean Ambrose and Reigns. Reigns is returning after a 30-day suspension due to violating the company's Wellness Policy.

The show also features John Cena teaming with Enzo & Cass to take on The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows), and the U.S. and Intercontinental titles on the line. Additionally, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens revive their feud, and Sasha Banks has a mystery partner to take on WWE Women's Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

Our coverage begins at 8 PM EST.


Breezango defeated The Usos via pinfall 

Pre-show match ended in about 6 minutes when Breeze got his knees up on a splash and countered into a small package on Jimmy Uso for the win. People popped for the win, and the Usos got booed during their comeback.

Michael Cole announced an attendance of 15,109. Saxton and JBL are also on commentary.

Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Charlotte & Dana Brooke via submission 

Banks’ partner is Bayley. Huge pop. 

JBL indicated Bayley getting this chance was a one-time thing, but Cole seemed to disagree. Banks made Charlotte tap with the bank statement after a 8-9 minute match. Big pop for the win. The crowd really liked both Banks and Bayley.

The Wyatt Family defeated The New Day via pinfall 

Woods announced that they were the longest reigning WWE Tag Team champions of all time. Big E was excited they got drafted together. Kingston said they have to “be serious for a moment” and said the Wyatts got split up like a Taylor Swift relationship. The New Day and announcers are emphasizing that this will be the last time we see the Wyatts together.

A couple of highlights saw Big E hit a overhead belly-to-belly on Rowan, and Kingston hit a flip dive on Strowman.  The story was that Woods was afraid to get in early on, but eventually faced off against Bray.

Woods saved Kingston from a Sister Abigail, but was mesmerized by Bray. He eventually snapped out of it and made a wild comeback on Bray. Big E did his spear to the outside on Rowan and almost landed on his head. Bray caught Woods with Sister Abigail for the win in about 9 minutes.

U.S. Championship: Rusev (w/Lana) defeated Zack Ryder via submission

Ryder wore USA-themed gear. Ryder hit a Ruff Ryder, but went to the top instead of going for a cover. He went for a flying elbow, but Rusev got his knees up. Rusev followed with a superkick to the back of the head and applied the Accolade. Ryder almost fought out of it, but Rusev bent him all the way back and Ryder tapped. Match was about 7 minutes. Crowd got into it by the end. 

Rusev was about to attack Ryder afterwards, but Mojo Rawley ran out to make the save. He got in Rusev’s face, but Rusev left looking unimpressed.

Backstage, Seth Rollins walked in on Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. He wondered why they were talking about Bayley instead of him. Rollins said he was LeBron James, Tom Brady and Channing Tatum combined into one. He called Reigns and animal, and said Reigns attacked him at a live event on Friday. Rollins said he would wipe the floor with Ambrose and Reigns, and he had a feeling in a few months we’d have a lot of new babies named “Rollins.”

Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens via pinfall 

Zayn tried springboard moonsault to the outside, but slipped and landed on his shoulder on the apron. He started selling it immediately, and Owens started working it over. The announcers referenced Zayn’s past shoulder injury, but Zayn was able to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.

Owens followed with a superkick for two, followed by a crossface, but Zayn got to the rope. Zayn hit a vertical suplex/brainbuster onto the apron, which was nuts. “This is awesome” chants. Owens hit a cannonball and frog splash for a near fall.

Zayn blocked a powerbomb attempt and hit a tornado DDT and half nelson suplex for a close near fall. Owens followed with a pop-up powerbomb but Zayn just barely got his foot on the rope.

A frustrated Owens began slapping Zayn in the face, which just fired him up. Zayn hit two more exploders, followed by a Helluva kick. Zayn put him back in the corner and hit another Helluva kick for the win. Great match that went about 18 minutes. Crowd loved it.

Natalya defeated Becky Lynch via submission 

Lynch gave her goggles to a grown-ass man in the front row. Natalya won in 9 minutes with the Sharpshooter. She worked the leg over most of the match, and Lynch could never quite apply the Disarmer. Good match, but it was tough to follow the previous one.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan met with Dean Ambrose. Bryan really put over Ambrose huge. Bryan said in all the battles he had with the Shield, Ambrose was the one they worried about the most. He called Ambrose the best and he sounded sincere. Ambrose said of all the guys the Shield beat up, Bryan was their favourite. Ambrose said he would retain. Good segment.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (w/Maryse) NC Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund) 

Maryse slapped Backlund and he took a hilarious bump. Maryse then fell down and blamed it on Backlund, so Miz pushed him down. Young applied the crossface chicken wing on Miz outside the ring and the referee called the bell for some reason. Young held on the hold after the bell and the announcers said Young would be fined.

John Cena, Enzo & Big Cass defeated AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson via pinfall 

Crowd is super into Enzo (and Cass). Enzo had advice for the Club, including: never make contact with anyone while you’re eating a banana. Cass was better than usual. He called Styles a soccer mom, and advised him to pick up his boys and drop them off at Raw before heading to SmackDown, and called them soft. The Club have new t-shirts. 

Cena had Styles pinned with an AA, but Anderson broke it up, and gave Cena a spinebuster on the announce table (which didn’t break). Enzo then gave Anderson a jumping DDT on the mats outside the ring.

AJ hit Cena with the Styles Clash, but Cass broke it up and killed AJ with a big boot. Gallows and Anderson followed with a magic killer on Cass. With the ring clear, Cena gave Styles an AA off the top for the pinfall win. Fun match that went about 15 minutes.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel with Randy Orton

Orton got a pretty good reaction coming out, but nothing spectacular. Orton said he enjoyed spending time with his family, but he missed being in the ring. Orton made a crack about having to come back and be in a segment with Jericho. Jericho called himself the “GOAT” and said he’s elevating Orton.

Orton threatened to drop him, and Jericho said he might just hit Orton with a Codebreaker “out of nowhere.” He informed Orton that he was drafted to SmackDown, in case he didn’t know. He even put over Stephanie McMahon as the best person he’s ever worked with.

He’s also still pissed at Ambrose for dropping him in thumbtacks. He then gave Orton the Gift of Jericho. Orton compared Jericho to Ellen DeGeneres, because of his haircut. Crowd chanted “Ellen” at Jericho.

Jericho moved on to Brock Lesnar, and called him the most destructive force in WWE. He cut to the Jeritron 6500 for a video package of Lesnar. Jericho mentioned that Orton and Lesnar started together, but they never really crossed paths, probably because Orton afraid of him. Orton mocked Jericho for taking time off and coming back to face Fandango.

Jericho said Brock would kick Orton’s ass at SummerSlam. Orton knew he would take a bunch of suplexes, but it only takes one RKO to get to Viperville, “no enhancement needed.” Nice pop from the crowd for that. Orton dropped his mic. Jericho said he would pay for that comment.

Jericho said he knew someone who knew Brock, and he had a message for Orton -- that he was going to rip off Orton’s arm and eat it for breakfast. Jericho claimed that Brock called Orton a “stupid idiot.” Orton gave Jericho an RKO.

WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns via pinfall 

Mick Foley, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan came out before the match to watch from ringside. Bryan shook Foley’s hand, but ignored Stephanie. Reigns has a full beard. He got booed. Ambrose came out last. The match is starting at 10:55 PM ET.

There was a big pop when Rollins and Ambrose worked together to take out Reigns. Ambrose gave Reigns a suicide dive and Rollins followed with a flip dive, also on Reigns. Rollins and Ambrose then gave Reigns an assisted powerbomb through the Spanish announce table.

Crowd popped, but Rollins then grabbed a chair and cracked Ambrose on the back, reminiscent of when he turned on the Shield. He gave Reigns a shot as well. Rollins tried a buckle bomb on Ambrose but Ambrose countered with a hurricanrana. Rollins came back with a superplex and falcon arrow for a near fall. Reigns came back in and gave both guys powerbombs.

Rollins gave Reigns a Pedigree but he kicked out. Reigns took a buckle bomb, but came back immediately with a superman punch and spear. He went for a cover, but Ambrose grabbed him and hit a Dirty Deeds on Reigns for the win. Huge pop.

Shane and Bryan celebrated with Ambrose. The SmackDown roster came out to celebrate as well. The Usos put Ambrose on their shoulders.