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WWE: Bayley suffered a shoulder injury on Raw

bayleyinjury.jpg posted an article last night stating that Bayley’s shoulder was injured during her match against Nia Jax on Raw this past Monday. The injury appears to be legitimate, though the severity of it isn't currently known.

The article mentions that the official diagnosis was inconclusive due to the amount of swelling suffered following the bout. The injury seems to stem from either a spot where Jax threw Bayley out of the ring under the bottom rope and her shoulder hit on the mat hard or when Jax gave her a double chicken wing slam.

Dr. Chris Amann stated in the article that Bayley would be undergoing more diagnostic testing later this week to determine the extent of the injury once the swelling goes down.

Bayley is currently scheduled to challenge Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam on August 20th. A serious injury would put that into question, but WWE could also use the situation as part of the ongoing storyline between the two if Bayley is able to wrestle at the show.