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WWE Binghamton, NY, live results: Dean & Roman face the League of Nations

Submitted by Myron Kittle

- AJ Styles vs Tyler Breeze

Crowd into AJ.  AJ won with the Phenomenal Elbow around 12 minutes.

- Mark Henry vs. The Ascension

Henry wins a short 5 minute match. Mostly Mark and Viktor. Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam on Conor.

- Stardust & Heath Slater & Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow & Darren Young & Fandango

Heath and Darren start chain wrestling and Sandow is up on the second rope on the apron literally telling the people when to cheer and boo. Fun “everyone hits a finisher/big move” to end it in about nine minutes with Fandango winning with a sitout suplex slam.

- Promo shown on the big screen with Sheamus and Wade Barrett.

- Zack Ryder vs. Luke Harper

Harper is over with a group in the front row, since he wrestled for 2CW a lot. Basic match, crowd wasn’t really into Zack like they were 2 or 3 years ago when he was here last.  Harper won with his discus clothesline in about 10 minutes, crowd actually cheered the pin.  Before the finish, Ryder came off the top rope but missed, and kinda fell weird, he pulled down his knee pad, and got up into the clothesline and was helped to the back by the ref, not quite sure if he was really hurt or not.

- WWE Tag Champions The New Day (Kofi & Xavier) w/Big E. vs. Usos vs. Dudleyz

 Bubba Ray got the biggest heat so far by saying him and D’Von were from Brooklyn and were real New Yorkers. Big E on the outside was insanely entertaining at one point, humping the floor for a good five minutes. They did a comedy spot with Xavier getting slapped hard on the back by everyone in the match, including Kofi. Complete comedy match and highly entertaining. Xavier pinned D’Von after he tagged a Uso on the top rope, who proceeded to splash D’Von, Xavier then came in the ring and threw Uso to the outside and pinned D’Von. Went about 17 minutes.

- Intermission

- Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Natalya

Pretty basic match, lots of "Whoo"s and Charlotte sucks chants. Charlotte working the knee led to a nice spot where Charlotte went for the figure four, but stopped and put the Sharpshooter on.  Built up to Natalya getting the sharpshooter to a pretty good pop.  Charlotte eventually won with a roll up out of the corner with her feet on the ropes. Decent match.

- Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger

Jericho cut a promo on Binghamton saying the place sucks. Jericho got the heat when Charles Robinson was pulling Swagger out of the corner and Jericho punched him. Jericho got caught in the ankle lock and pulls the ring apron into the ring for a rope break. While the ref is fixing the apron, Jericho poked Swagger in the eye and hit the Codebreaker for the pin. After the match, Jericho put Swagger in the Walls Of Jericho which brought out AJ. He went for the Phenomenal Elbow, but Jericho bailed.

- Sheamus and Wade Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Sheamus didn’t even bother putting his Mohawk up. Place went nuts when Dean came out and a Roman got a decent pop as well. Heat on Dean as he went for the Nigel rope spot and Barrett just kicked him while standing on the apron. Reigns won with the spear in about 14 minutes in a basic match:

Most heat

  • Jericho’s promo on Binghamton
  • Bubba’s promo on Binghamton
  • League of Nations

Biggest pop

  • Reigns spear to win
  • Dean Amrose entrance
  • AJ Styles