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Brock Lesnar on work ethic of younger wrestlers, original plans to retire

The WWE Champion recently spoke on what he feels younger generations lack, as well as prior plans to retire at 40.

Brock Lesnar has offered some candid advice to young wrestlers on what it takes to be successful. 

In an interview with Newsday, the WWE Champion spoke on what some of today's performers lack.

"Some of these young kids nowadays, they're so used to having everything they want at their fingertips with technology. I don't know where the grassroots, hard work, and the ethic is anymore. Some of these kids, they need to step up to the plate if they want to. They need to have a backbone. They need to do something different if they want to become successful. This business isn't just about getting in the ring and being able to do moves, you know. This is a business of storytelling and characters and being able to portray a passion about something. So either you have it, or you don't. Otherwise you’re just a mid-card wrestler, or an indie wrestler, or an internet wrestler. And you're just playing to the fans on the internet.

Lesnar would continue to knock the work ethic of younger talent. 

"They can come up with all kinds of [expletive] excuses if they want to. That's easy to do. But get out there and do something with yourself. Everybody wants to bash the guys that get over or are successful. They always want to undercut it, because they can't figure it out. I’ll outwork anybody. That's just what I do...I'll be 45 and I look as good as I do. And I feel good, you know? Get off your lazy [expletive] and go do something with yourself, instead of taking your handout check."

Lesnar also appeared on the Michael Kay Show today. During the interview, the 44-year-old noted that he had planned to retire when he was 40. Lesnar also said he considered himself retired after his contract expired in 2020. His last match under that deal was at WrestleMania 36 when he was defeated by Drew McIntyre. 

"When I was younger I thought, I wanna retire when I'm 40," said Lesnar.. "I actually retired when COVID hit and my contract was up in 2020. Full circle Brock Lesnar story, I had my first wrestling match in Minnesota was in a garage with no people. 20 years later, had a WWE Title match at WrestleMania in a warehouse in front of no people. 20 years, full circle. I was like 'I'm out.'"

Lesnar returned to a WWE ring for the first time in 19 months at Crown Jewel on October 21, 2021. He was defeated by Roman Reigns in a match for the Universal Championship. 

When asked what brought him out of retirement, Lesnar replied, "Cha-ching!"