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WWE Buffalo, NY, live results: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus & Wade Barrett

Submitted by Brandon Thurston (also a past JNPO guest)

- AJ Styles beat Tyler Breeze

Styles won with the springboard forearm. Fine match. Styles was over.

- Mark Henry beat The Ascension in a handicap match

Henry pinned Konnor after the World's Strongest Slam. Henry seemed to take his time soaking in the cheers afterward, almost as if he was nearing the end of his run.

- Fandango, Damien Sandow & Darren Young beat Stardust, Heath Slater & Adam Rose

Decent comedy match that was given some time. Stardust had Eden tell the crowd that he would beat them all up one-by-one if they didn't stop chanting "Cody". This got a lot of heat. Stardust teased not getting along with Slater and Rose before ultimately hugging but eating a comeback from the babyfaces. Fandango pinned Stardust with a Falcon Arrow.

- Luke Harper beat Zack Ryder

Harper got the win with the spinning lariat.

- WWE Tag Team Champions New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) beat Dudleyz and Usos in a three-way match

Woods pinned one of the Usos after Dudleys hit a 3D and Woods got rid of Bubba with a roaring elbow. New Day worked as tweeners, playing face against the Dudleys but heel against the Usos.

- WWE Divas Champion Charlotte beat Natalya

Charlotte got the pin with a schoolboy with her feet on the ropes. Good reaction for Natalya as she rose to her feet after the match.

- Chris Jericho beat Jack Swagger

Jericho won with the Codebreaker. He did a long promo beforehand, mostly cheap heat, burying the town, much like he did in Toronto, but it got over strongly. After the match, he put Swagger in the Walls of Jericho. Styles ran out to make the save. Styles had Jericho setup for the springboard forearm, but Jericho bailed out.

- Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose beat Sheamus & Barrett

Reigns pinned Sheamus after the Spear. Reigns again did not enter through the crowd, just a normal entrance through the curtain. I heard this was the case in Syracuse the night before too. I wonder if he'll be done with that entrance on TV too. Reigns was very over (here's his entrance) and the most over wrestler on the show. Only very few boos which obviously was much different from anything on TV. Here's the finish.