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WWE Cruiserweight Classic results: Zack Sabre Jr. debuts; Brian Kendrick returns


Mauro Ranallo introduced us to the show as we go right to video packages.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Tyson Dux

Tyson Dux mentions how he injured his ACL in a Velocity match back in 2004, and he says that the Cruiserweight Classic is his opportunity to make a statement. It kind of came off like he has never wrestled since even though he’s been wrestling for years since the injury.

Zack Sabre Jr. has a passion for wrestling as he’s always idolized Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho. When you love something and put the time and effort in, the rewards come.

Sabre did his chain wrestling to start, escaping out of a lot of Dux’s holds and working on the arm. Sabre went for the Jim Breaks special, but Dux escaped and got the heat. Sabre came back with an octopus stretch, then landed a Penalty Kick for the near fall.

Dux went for a cloverleaf, but Sabre managed to escape and land in an omoplata, then wrenched the fingers for the win. This was great technically, but the crowd just didn’t seem to be into it.

Corey Graves is back at the CWC control room. We’re now into the second half of the first round. In the second round, Sabre will face the winner of the upcoming Drew Gulak vs. Harv Sihra Match.

Drew Gulak defeated Harv Sihra

Gulak says to win this tournament, it will take drive and determination. He says that it has always been a slow grind, and to be in WWE in surreal.

Harv Sihra says to represent India in WWE is unreal. He wondered what he could do to represent India without being stereotypical and he chose to go for a Bollywood style. He’s the one guy that can prove people wrong here.

Gulak worked more of a stiff style while Sihra was more fluid and high flying. Both looked good in what they did. Gulak body-slammed Sihra on the floor at one point, which probably wasn’t fun. Gulak trapped him in a dragon sleeper then applied a body scissors for the win.

So that means we’ll see Drew Gulak vs. Zack Sabre Jr. in the second round.

Tony Nese defeated Anthony Bennett

Tony Nese says he is the premiere athlete because pound-for-pound he’s one of the strongest and quickest guys in the tournament. He says that it's his time to show the world who he is.

Anthony Bennett says he has always been an underdog, and it's time for him to make a name for himself. His catchphrase is "This kid don’t play," since he has a hairstyle similar to Kid from Kid 'N Play.

Bennett is tiny compared to Nese. Hey, he did say he was only 5’11 even with the hair. Both guys looked good, more of a back and forth match with no real distinct styles shown unlike in previous matches tonight.

Weird finish as Nese gave Bennett a powerslam and seemed to have been knocked out. The referee stopped Nese and checked on Bennett momentarily before giving the okay, and Nese got the win with a 450 splash.

Brian Kendrick defeated Raul Mendoza

Back in the CWC control room, Graves kicks it to more video packages. Raul Mendoza mentions how Eddie Guerrero was an inspiration, and as long as he puts in the hard work and dedication, he has lived his dream. Kendrick says this is his second chance in life because without wrestling, he’s just living.

Mendoza worked his lucha style early and looked good. He swung around Kendrick and put him in a body scissors/sharpshooter submission but Kendrick escaped.

Kendrick worked heel and got the heat. Mendoza was bleeding from the mouth as Kendrick charged at him, but he made a comeback and did a great corkscrew plancha to the floor then followed that with a big coast to coast dropkick.

Kendrick played possum and threw Mendoza into the ropes, then landed a reverse headlock into a bully choke for the win. Mendoza showed a ton here and got a lot more over than Kendrick by the end.

Final Thoughts

Overall, another fun show this week. Sabre brings a different style to the program that not too many at Full Sail understood, but that’s cool as it’s something new. Hopefully it takes off.

Everything else looked good and there were a lot of fun matches to be had. Commentary as usual is always on point and sounds like a smart, mindful broadcast, which is always nice.

Next week will culminate the first round of the tournament. NXT talent Rich Swann will take on Jason Lee, Noam Dar faces Gurv Sihra, Jack Gallagher clashes with Fabien Aichner, and in the main event Tommaso Ciampa will take on his tag team partner Johnny Gargano.