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WWE CWC results: Noam Dar vs. Zack Sabre Jr.; TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann


The penultimate episode of CWC starts off with new interviews from the first two quarterfinalists competing tonight. Zack Sabre Jr. says his journey so far has been difficult, but in a good way. This is round three, so the pressure is on. Dar says he really has to adapt to his opponents, and wants to make sure he makes an impression here. No surprise, he wants to win.

Noam Dar vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

This was a really good match. This is probably the best Dar we’ve seen in the tournament so far. Sabre excels in the style he’s developed and told a great story full of tremendous mat wrestling, selling, and technique.

Dar worked on the knee early. Sabre focused on one of Dar’s wrists, but Dar knocked Sabre down off the ropes with a kick to the bum leg. Dar lays in some offense, but poses for too long as Sabre catches him with a half nelson suplex. Dar manages to connect back with a big dropkick to the corner on Sabre’s shoulder.

Sabre jumped on Dar for a triangle, but Dar converted it into an ankle lock. There was some great mat wrestling here. Dar locks in another kneebar but Sabre rolls both of them to the floor. After a countout tease, they both make it to ring. Sabre takes him down and goes for something resembling the old Rings of Saturn, but clamping down on both arms, causing Dar to submit.


Another video airs for the main event. TJ Perkins considers himself the best cruiserweight in the tournament as you have to have that confidence. He’s made it this far, and it has validated his ability. Swann is motivated to give people what they want -- entertainment. The pressure is real, and when the pressure is on, that is when people get the best Rich Swann. He’s proven that dreams do come true, not matter what is put in your path.


TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann

There were flashy moments, but a lot of this was selling based, which was good but made it similar in spots to the previous match. Still, both guys are flashier, and that made it a really good match. The in-ring work was top notch, and they both looked great out there.

They started off with some good back and forth mat wrestling, a bit more flashy than the previous match. Perkins got the better of it and dabbed in front of Swann, who didn’t like that one bit. When Swann came back with some offense, he did the same thing. Perkins came back with a big dropkick to Swann on the outside. Perkins is in control with some good looking submissions and matwork.

Swann makes a comeback, but Perkins cut him off with Ryusuke Taguchi’s dodon for a nearfall. Perkins tried for a tiger suplex off the middle rope, but Swann sent him to the floor. Perkins came back with a springboard hurricanrana as Swann landed on the injured leg Perkins was working on during the match. Swann came back with a springboard hurricanrana of his own, but when trying to gain some momentum, he got caught with a leglock by Perkins. He tried for another dodon but Swann countered with a roll up and even a Tiger Driver.

Perkins hit a pele kick and another leglock as Swann tried to struggle to the ropes, but it didn’t happen and tapped out as Perkins advances to the semifinals.

A replay video aired of all the highlights from previous matches in the CWC. Next week will be a 2 hour live broadcast with Kota Ibushi facing TJ Perkins and Zack Sabre Jr. facing Gran Metallik in the semifinals of the tournament with the winners of those two matches squaring off in the finals later on in the show.

Don’t miss it, as if there has been any indication with this show so far, you’re probably in for a treat.