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WWE Dayton, OH, house show results: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

Submitted by Parker Smith

Cage above the ring for already announced Reigns vs Big Show cage match. Also, triple threat for title with Ambrose vs Orton vs Rollins for the title. Show starts with 10 bell for Dusty, and then JoJo does  the national anthem. The opening plays and starts with an R-Truth segment on the tron asking if the crowd is ready.

Neville vs. Kofi Kingston

They accidentally gave Kofi Neville's pyro, he gets good heat, with "New Day, sucks" chants. In a match that went about 12 minutes, aside from a moonsault to the outside from the ropes featured nothing out of the ordinary Neville won with the red arrow.

- Money in the Bank promo airs

Lucha Dragons vs Matadors

Matadors play the heel and do the handshake and kick in the gut spot. Torito gets involved and almost cross body's one of the matadors and then they send him to the back. Matadors dominate and then Kalisto gets the hot tag and Torito comes back out and hurricaranas one of the matadors and the Lucha Dragons win around the 13 minute mark.

Nattie and Layla vs. Alicia Fox and Summer Rae.

Standard hot tag finish with Summer Rae tapping to Sharpshooter. The match was like 8 minutes or something.

- Connors cure video package

- Hype video for Big Show vs Roman Reigns steel cage match

Cage Match: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show 

Big Show is out first to a mix reaction, Reigns gets biggest reaction of the night.  During the match Reigns tries to lift and slam the 73838292 pound giant but can't. In a 16 good match for the people involved, Reigns escapes from the too while Show tries go through the bottom and hits Show with the door on the way out for the win. Crowd chants "Big Show lost" and he reacts but mocking fans.


Fandango vs Heath Slater

Each person dances to see who gets the biggest reaction but it's not a dance off. fandango wins with a surprise roll up in a 5 minute match. Slater stays out there complaining and Truth comes out. Slater and Truth go back and forth on the mic. Truth references the promo from the start of the show says he was late because of traffic, Slater complains he shouldn't be out there during his time and mocks him saying "what's up?" And goes for cheap "your town sucks!" heat. Truth says them(the crowd) told him to go out there. Slater tells the ref to ring the bell and they have a match and Slater tries to get stips for himself like blindfold him and have two hands behind his back to make it easier for him. Nothing is done but Truth still beats him in like 30 seconds.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Sheamus addresses the "you look stupid" chants and threatens to leave and then leaves and then Ziggler chases him up the ramp and back to the ring. The match is mostly outside the ring about two minutes in and then Sheamus takes control. In a boring back and forth match with a lot of near falls where I was more entertained looking around and then seeing a little two year girl making silly faces Sheamus wins around the 16 minute mark with a Brogue kick. Ziggler takes awhile to get up and Charles Robinson looks pissed so he might have hurt himself taking the Brogue, because Ziggler is not even interacting with the fans after.

Randy Orton vs. WWE Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Rollins comes to boos but no title and "you sold out chants", and then Orton comes out to a huge pop probably bigger than Reigns. Ambrose doesn't come out despite being advertised too. Rollins gets on the mic about how he wanted to defend the title and then talks about why he's not naming Ambrose a reason why, and goes on about how he's the rightful champion and then he says based on the reaction to Ambrose's name and Ortons entrance and says we don't deserve to see him defend the title and he'll be Randy's ass. 5 minutes into the match there are "Justin Bieber" chants and Seth tells the crowd to suck it. Randy Orton nearly gets counted out. Action goes to the outside where Seth throws Randy into the rail and then throws him back inside for a near fall. Orton goes for the RKO but gets countered into a roll up near fall.

Rollins does the RKO set up and then goes for a Pedigree but Orton counters and then hits a T-Bone suplex. After countering the apron DDT, Seth hits a suicide dive. Orton hits a superplex, Rollins starts to walk away when J&J come out and they have a huddle, take off their suits and ties, they surround Orton on the apron and then J&J walk off and walk away as they wave to the crowd. Orton then hits Seth with the DDT as he flips off J&J, and Seth walks out again as Ambrose comes WITH the belt and the biggest pop of the night. Orton hits an RKO and win a 20 minute match. Ambrose enters the ring with the title and grabs a mic as Orton leaves. The title was behind a strip club on Bourbon street. Ambrose tosses him the belt, hits dirty deeds and then celebrates with the belt to end the show. Ambrose cuts a promo on about his first match was at the Montgomery Fair Grounds and cuts a promo on how he's the real champion and quotes Dusty Rhodes.