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WWE executive Bruce Prichard to undergo surgery for torn rotator cuff

The 59-year-old plans to have the injury repaired next week.

Bruce Prichard will be having surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. 

The WWE executive revealed the news during his "Something To Wrestle With" podcast on He will be having the injury repaired next week. 

“I have a torn rotator cuff,” Prichard said. “The plan is to get it fixed next Wednesday. Six months rehab. I had colitis. I changed my diet. I started working out. I started getting healthy and started feeling good. Actually, man, I put on weight because I’ve been working out and I’m getting stronger and all this good sh*t, feeling really good. But my shoulder was bugging me. So I was going in for treatments for my shoulder.”

Prichard continued to say that he was unaware of the injury until he noticed his arm was bruised. 

“Then one day I look in the mirror, and my entire right arm is just black and blue. I mean, the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m like, ‘What’s this?’ It didn’t hurt. As a matter of fact, my shoulder pain had gone away. So I went to the doctor and I said, ‘Hey, what the hell is this bruising from?’ They looked at it and said, ‘You tore your bicep clean off the bone from the shoulder.’ I’m like, ‘Well, how the hell did I do that?’ I mean, I did nothing that I could say, ‘Oh, wow. Boy, I heard that pop, or I felt that.’ Nothing like that.”

Prichard then said he had the injury assessed again during WrestleMania. 

“I’m thinking I feel great. I continue my training. I’m stronger than ever. I’m doing all my stuff and the next thing you know, my shoulder starts hurting again. This time it’s a little different pain and it’s intense and it’s not going away. So I got checked out at WrestleMania.”

An MRI confirmed a torn rotator cuff and surgery was recommended. 

"It’s torn and I’m gonna get it fixed. It got to the point where I just was in pain all day long and I don’t feel like being in pain all day long, so I’m just going to be in pain for six more months knowing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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