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WWE extends deal with Hulu, Bianca Belair & Montez Ford project in the works

WWE revealed the news on its third quarter investors call.
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WWE has extended its deal with Hulu.

The next-day rights to air WWE Raw will continue to be held by the streaming service after a deal was struck following months of negotiation. WWE revealed the news today during its third-quarter investors call. The two companies have been in business together since 2012. 

WWE Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, Frank Riddick said the Hulu extension is a short-term deal designed to better align with the upcoming live TV rights negotiations.

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics believes the short-term deal is structured to end at the same time WWE's current TV rights deals expire in September 2024. 

"Sounds like WWE settled for less money from Hulu in exchange for getting the deal to expire with live rights Sep 2024," Thurston wrote on Twitter. 

Hulu continues to hold the next-day rights to air WWE SmackDown until at least September 2024 as well. This is due to Fox sub-licencing all of its next-day rights to the streaming service. 

Additionally, Nick Khan also revealed on today's investors call that a WWE series focused on Bianca Belair and Montez Ford is coming to Hulu as well.