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WWE first quarter earnings notes, free May on network

WWE generated $176.2 million in revenue for the first quarter of 2015 and $9.8 million in net profits, the former being the largest in company history.

The company also announced the free April promotion for new subscribers would continue through May.

With the advent of the WWE Network and increased TV rights fees, total revenue is a lock to be the highest ever, but profitability was above most expectations.

Last year during the same period the revenue was $125.6 million and the company lost $8 million.  Two key differences are WrestleMania was the second quarter last year instead of the first, and WWE video game sales are way up.

Also, as far as revenue went, there were more episodes of Total Divas in the quarter.

House show attendance, which Vince McMahon still looks at as one of the key barometers of how well things are connecting, was up four percent in North America, factoring out WrestleMania.

WWE stock declined to $13.71 per share at this moment after the news was released.

There was not much in the Q&A with the highlight being that Vince McMahon said the company is looking at possibly tiering network prices, such as the idea that WrestleMania month or SummerSlam month could be higher.  He said they are looking at all this and they ar a very reflexive company, but right now the plan is to stay as is.