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WWE Hartford, CT house show results: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena for the US Title

By David Maisano

They opened with a Royal Rumble video.

Neville def Miz at 8:54 via finisher.

Titus O'Neal def Stardust  at 7:12 via finisher.

Paige vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte (w/ Ric Flair.) Really more of a 1-on-1 with occasionally the other wrestler coming in. Charlotte wins over Paige at 10:46 with roll up pin after assist from Dad.

Ryback def Rusev w/ Lana 11:41 via finisher.

Dean Ambrose def Kevin Owens at 9:30 via finisher to retain IC title. Lackluster


R. Truth came out. Hyped up crowd. Adam Rose came out to fight. R truth won at 3:34 via pin. Felt longer and not in a good way.

Big Show def Mark Henry at 6:30 via KO punch.

The Wyatts def Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer at 9:06 via Luke Harper clothesline on Dreamer.

Main Event: US Title Alberto Del Rio vs Cena. Del Rio got DQ via low blow at 16:54. Best match of night but that's not saying much.

Overall a mediocre show.