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WWE Honolulu, HI: Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens; Ambrose vs. Styles vs. Jericho vs. Rollins


Submitted from Derek

- Show opens with KA and Gallows video, bashing the Usos. 

Curtis Axel vs Titus O Neil

Axel bails from ring twice. Axel runs wild for a bit, Titus counters does his power spot. Titus wins via pop up power bomb. 

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

Crowd really into Ziggler. Corbin rolls out. After about 3 minutes of this, Ziggler attacks Corbin on the outside and rolls him in to get the match going. Corbin knees Ziggler for him to get the advantage for now. Ziggler counters Corbin does his comeback and neckbrealer into a 2 count. Ziggler tries for a clothesline and gets countered, Corbin for a 2 count. Ziggler hits famouser for a near fall. Corbin tries for End of Days, Ziggler hits super kick, crowd popped for that.  Ziggler goes to the top, Corbin hits the ropes and End of Days for the win. 

Gallows & Karl Anderson vs The Usos 

As expected heavy Polynesian crowd, so the Usos got a very big pop. Usos get on offense, clothesline both KA and Gallows outside. Gallows hits one of the Usos against the ring post, almost gets counted out. The other Uso gets the hot tag, runs wild on KA. Usos win via a splash on Anderson.

NXT Women's Champion Asuka vs. Natalya

Starting off with Nattie and Asuka doing Mat wrestling. Very shoots style match so far, crowd seems confused. Asuka does the hip thingy twice, Nattie gets on the outside does a Suplex on the floor. Nattie with the surfboard. Asuka hits a dropkick and they are both down. Nattie went for the sharpshooter, Asuka counters into Anklelock. Asuka hits her Asuka combination then gets Nattie into the Asuka lock for the win. After working a MMA hybrid match for the first few minutes, crowd got back into it when they went back into the wrestling,

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs The Vaudevillians

Aiden English playing heel to start off. Woods cuts him off, hurricanrana for a near fall. English gets the tag in, Big E gets in as well. Big E does some dancing, crowd is into that. English gets a tag in beats down on woods. Big E gets the hit tag and starts belly to belly suplexing both guys. Vaudevillains hit the whirling dervish for a 2 count. Big E gets in and him and Xavier hit an assisted Big Ending for the win.

WWE Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs Charlotte

Crowd kinda split to start off, or that they like to woo... Starting off slow. Charlotte does the flair bump over the ropes and takes a powder to the outside. Charlotte kicks on the inside to take control. Charlotte in control for a while, Becky nits a electric chair counter into the turnbuckle. Becky firing back up, T bone Suplex for a near fall. Becky tries the Disarmer, Charlotte counters with the armbar power bomb spot. Charlotte misses a moonsault, Becky gets the Disarmer Charlotte has the rope break. Charlotte gets the figure 8 for the win.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens

Owens beats down Nakamura right from the beginning. About half the crowd knows who Nakamura is. Owens mocks Nakamura's corner stomp thingy. Crowd starts doing dueling Nakamura/Kevin Owens chants. Owens going to chinlock city. Owens taking the majority of the match until Shinsuke hits a counter wheel kick. Nakamura gets his corner kick in followed by the top of the rope knees. Owens hits a super kick for the near fall. Owens does a superplex from the top rope and crowd finally wakes up. Owens tries for a Senton, Shinsuke gets his knees up and hits a counter Knee for a near fall. Owens tries for the powerbomb, Shinsuke hits the Tiger Suplex and Kinshasa for the win. 

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

Jericho cuts promo on the crowd. Crowd calls Jericho a mahu, he thinks it's great. Rollins gets a nice pop, Ambrose got a great pop. Crowd wants Jericho to take scarf off, but he refuses. Crowd chants Mahu at him. AJ and Ambrose start off the match, AJ takes a powder, Jericho comes in. Kinda standard 4 way layout. Everyone starts ganging up on Ambrose.  Jericho tried to steal pin, Ambrose goes out. Other 3 are fighting, then Rollins and Styles take out Jericho. AJ takes out Rollins and Jericho gets back in, tries for the walls of Jericho and missed. AJ cuts him off, AJ hits forearm to Jericho, Rollins hits suicide dive, Ambrose gets a top rope Elbow to all of them.

They all go for the super-duper plex. Crowd starts chanting "this is awesome" Jericho misses codebreaker, Ambrose tries for the Nigel clothesline, Jericho connects with the Codebreaker for a nearfall. Rollins comes back in hits AJ for falcon arrow for a two count. AJ gets the calf crusher on Seth and Jericho gets walls onto Dean for a double submission spot. Rollins hits Pedigree on Jericho, Ambrose hits the Nigel clothesline on Seth and Ambrose does dirty deeds on AJ for the clean pin.