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WWE house show report 3-22 Ontario, CA: Reigns and Bryan as headliners in last house show before Mania

By Adam Estrada

Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper opens everything up. Great match as usual. Ziggler get the win with a couple super kicks and a zig zag.

Tyler Breeze vs Finn Balor is next. Breeze gets really good heat from crowd. Nice quick match Balor with the victory.

Sasha Banks. Summer Rae, Cameron vs Natalya, Emma, Naomi putt on a great match. Natalya went crazy when she got the hott tag and whens with the sharp shooter.

Next is a segment with Miz and Mizdow. Great crowd participation and one of the Usos comes out and faces Miz in an entertaining match. The Uso get the victory.

Next is Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt. Huge pop for Reigns with a bunch of kids and woman screaming at the top of their lungs for him lol. Great match, Reigns looked pretty comfortable in the ring with Wyatt. Reigns wins with a spear. He spent alot of time after the match enter acting with the crowd.

Curtis Axel and Heath Slater lose to The Matadores.

Wade cuts a promo abt bein the real intercontinental champion and he then faces Dean Ambrose. Ambrose wins by DQ after a low blow.

Main Event Daniel Bryan beats Kane in a street fight with a flying knee threw a chair Kane was holding. Nothing special here.