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WWE house show report 4-12 Cardiff, Wales - Orton vs. Rollins

Ryder vs Bo Dallas. Good opener Ryder went over with a rough Ryder, Dallas got some good heat telling the crowd to Wake up instead of Boliveing if they want to chase there dreams.

Lucha dragons vs ascension . Okay match Lucha dragons were very over with the younger crowd. Quick match solina del sol and senton on victor for the win. No one really cared about the ascension

Goldust vs Stardust. Massive Cody chamts for this one he also cut two good promos at the start and in the middle of the match claiming that Cardiff was going to get survivor serious but then announcing that it was the revenge tour. Really good match probably the match of the night tied with the main event, lots of near falls including Goldust hitting stardust with a cross roads. Stardust won with a roll up with feet on the roads eventually. Crowd was massively into this. Gave Goldust a great ovation at the end with you still got it chants. Goldust said the crowd was great everytime he was here and left.

Luke harper vs dean Ambrose. This was ok. Crowd was massively into Ambrose got a huge ovation coming out also loads of Ambrose merchandise about. Pretty standard match. Harper interacted with the crowd well and got some heat. Ambrose won with a dirty deeds after countering a discuss clothesline.

After this there was an intermission they pluged some signed pictures and them played Connors HOF induction video. They then talked about the Connors cure bands being on sale and selling out at all events.

After the intermission it was the Bella twins vs Paige and Naomi. Paige was big over pretty standard match went for a good ten minutes bellas worked on Naomi for what seemed like forever untill Paige got the hot tag an won with a submission on Brie it was the crossed leg and arm thing

Kane Vs ryback. Ryback got a good reaction at the start there was quite a bit of ryback merch sold at the event but as the march went on more and more Kane chants kept starting even thought at the start of the match he said he hated Cardiff. Slow marc but the fans remained mostly into ryback throughout. Ryback won with a shellshock after countering a tombstone attempt by Kane.

Main event was Orton vs Rollins. This was a great match. Orton came out first and were massively in to him at first. Rollins got some serious heel heat. Rollins had cut a promo earlier in the night talking about Orton as a challenger and how Orton kept on bragging about beating him. Match was really fun J&J were with Rollins and kept interfering in the match they kept distracting Orton so Rollins would get the advantage. Pockets of fans started to get into Rollins as the match went on similar to Kane but these were mostly drowned out but Orton chants. Orton attempted a punt In this match and got booed for it for some reason. Rollins attempted a phoenix splash in this match and got a massive reaction and eventually hit a curb stomp before Orton kicked out. Rollins also kicked out of a Rko and looked good in the majority of this match. J&J got involved in this match as it Orton was about to hit a second RKO this lead to a DQ finish which got massive heat as most younger fans bought into the fact that he might have won the tittle. All the heels then stamped Orton for a bit and Rollins cut a promo saying that the show wasn't over till he said it was over. By this point Rollins was hated in the arena by almost everyone he the  went to curb stomp Orton but he reversed and hit Mercury and Noble with RKOs as they tried t interfere. Orton then hit Rollins with a RKO from the second Rope which Rollins jumped off to send the crowd home happy. People stared to filter out fast after this.

Overall great show for a smaller stadium went with a friend who has been to the past few Cardiff house shows and said this was the most stacked by far. They announced a return date in November and said tickets went on sales April 24th.

Hope this helps I got some pictures of the event also but most are not of great quality

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