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WWE house show report 4-18 Nurnberg, Germany

By Sebastian Essner

The WWE-show in Nürnberg just ended and here is my report about it:

According to information from Dolph Ziggler during the VIP-meeting I attended before the show, the place was sold out and judging from my great seats he might have been right with that.

Barrett b. Rowan in the surprisingly short opener. At first Barrett announced that Bryan wasn't there and wanted to walk away, but Rowan came out. During the match the babyface-heel-dynamic quickly changed and Barrett was cheared By the crowd.

Cesaro and Kidd b. Los Matadores and New Day and kept the Tag-Team-titles. Kidd pinned Kingston after the usual finishing sequence with the Cesaro swing.

Balor b. Rose. Several NXT-chants throughout the match.

Natalya, Layla and Emma b. Cameron, Snuka and Mendez. Natalya used the Sharpshooter against Snuka. Mild chants for CM Punk and AJ Lee during the match.

The RAW-video of Connor The Crusher was shown and got a huge reaction.

Sheamus b. Ziggler in a match that went a bit too long. Also the chemistry between both wrestlers wasn't that great. In a post-match-brawl Ziggler used his Zigzag. Duelling chants during the match ("Let's go Sheamus" vs. "Let's go Ziggler") and "You look stupid" towards Sheamus.

After a short intermission Ryder and Mizdow b. Fandango and Miz (Mizdow pinned Miz after using the Scrull Crushing Finale). Most entertaining match of the night with the crowd completely behind Mizdow.

Wyatt b. Jimmy Uso with the Sister Abigail. Both felt like faces during the match, although Wyatt got stronger reactions.

In the main event Reigns b. Big Show in a Street Fight with the Spear. Reigns mostly got positive reactions from the crowd.