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WWE house show report 4-9-15 Dublin, Ireland: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show, Finn Balor vs. Neville

Submitted By Linuis Ingoldsby

Triple H came out to pump up the crowd.

Neville vs. Balor

Good match, crowd very into Balor as the local boy. Neville was flippy as hell. Balor pinned Neville with the stomp off the top (the second one, the first, earlier in the match, got a two count). Then they got up and shook hands. Sheamus came out from the back to his old music, and praised Balor and Neville as the future of the WWE, and said that he'd been in WWE six years. He pointed out Balor's family in the crowd, then laid out both Neville and Balor, proclaiming that while he was Irish, he was also a selfish man. Many boos at this point.

WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Kidd vs. New Day

New day came out as faces, but got booed immediately, then kept doing the new day clap, and reacting with disbelief or anger as approrpriate. Big E was really funny during this. They shouted at the crowd a bit. Cesaro and Kidd got good reactions, lots of chants for Tyson when he was being doubleteamed, more consistently for Cesaro. Most heat was around chanting New Day Sucks though. Cesaro worked an armbar in the same rhythm as the chant. Crowd ate it up. And ate up the uppercuts too. Cesaro and Kidd won with the Giant Swing into the basement dropkick. 

Fandango vs. Jimmy Uso

It was a little dead in comparison. Rosa Mendes came down with Fandango. Lots of superkicks, Fandango got some heat with the hip gyrations, got a 2 count with a Falcon Arrow, then got caught when going for the top rope legdrop. Jay won with the splash from the top.

Bray Wyatt, Wade Barrett, Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and I-C Champion Daniel Bryan

Wyatt's entrance is great, and he was very over. When it got to Wyatt vs. Rowan, more people sided with Wyatt, it sounded like. Sheamus was also cheered a fair amount. Bryan stayed on the apron most of the time, Rowan was in the ring a lot, Ziggler slightly less. It was decent, it kind of sank in the middle, because people liked Sheamus more than they liked Rowan when they were both in the ring. Then Sheamus cut a promo in the middle of the match, praising Mary Harney (leader of one of the parties when they bankrupted Ireland), Enda Kenny (current leader of another party, not madly popular) and the concept of paying water charges (70,000 people were on the streets protesting this recently). It did not endear him to the crowd. Bryan got the win with the running knee lift.

Xavier Woods vs. R-Truth

Short match, R-Truth got the crowd to chant New Day Sucks, which they did. Xavier Woods cut a promo at the start about how many degrees he had and god knows we hate learning. If anything New Day's heat grew over the night. They cheated in this one too, and were sent to the back, Truth immediately won with  the Lie Detector as Woods was distracted by New Day being sent back.

There were a couple of sections where they shilled merchandise, Bryan got a big pop, Reigns less so.

Summer Rae, Cameron, Alicia Fox vs. Emma, Natalya, and Rosa Mendes

It was fairly ok, Natalya was by far the most popular wrestler, Emma did most of the work in the match and was pretty good. People liked her from NXT as there were a few NXT chants during the night. Natalya's team won.

Damien Mizdow vs. Miz

Mizdow won with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

This was billed as a Dublin Street fight, which normally involves St. Patricks day and rather more drinking and vomiting. Big Show cut a promo and was introduced as the winnner of the WM battle royale, said he'd won every title in wrestling. Lots of booing. Kids hated him. Roman came down through the crowd and got a good reaction. Not as good as Bryan but not bad. The Streetfight was ok, Show went through a table midway through, Roman went all around the ring picking up a chair, a table and a kendo stick and leathering Show with them. Show eventually tore the kendo stick apart in his hands. Reigns eventually won after hitting the spear. He won the crowd over during the match, it seemed, took a fairly large beating.