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WWE house show report 5-1-15 Syracuse, NY: Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper, Sami Zayn vs. Erick Rowan

By Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment returned to the Onondaga War Memorial on May 1st for a live event. Daniel Bryan was originally scheduled to appear, but is out due injury. 

- The show started off with Bad News Barrett cutting a promo on Daniel Bryan and his injury. Barrett did not come to the ring in his King of the Ring attire. Neville answered the challenge and won following the Red Arrow. A solid match between these two. 

- Jimmy Uso teamed with the Primetime Players to take on the Ascension and Heath Slater. The match went on far too long. Uso pinned Slater. 

- Tamina Snuka made her long-awaited return in the corner of Naomi as she took on Charlotte. Charlotte got a decent reaction thanks to being the daughter of Ric Flair. Nothing memorable here and Tamina didn’t do much. 

- In one of the weirder matches to be booked for the event, Erick Rowan competed in singles action against NXT star Sami Zayn. It was neat to see Sami in person, but didn’t seem to connect all that well with the fans. Rowan is all sorts of bad. Zayn got a clean pin fall victory. 

- Rusev lost to Ryback clean right in the middle of the ring after sending Lana to the backstage area. Ryback is really over with the crowd, which is kind of surprising considering the failed push of him a couple of years ago and the awful heel push with Axel. 

- Bo Dallas came out and ripped on the fans until Damien Sandow came out for a singles match. There was some comedy, but a basic match. Sandow got the victory and is losing his appeal amongst the fans around me, at least. 

- The only title match on the show saw Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeat the WWE World Tag Team Champions New Day by disqualification when Kofi Kingston got involved. The gimmick of New Day being heels while thinking they are babyfaces, is rather humorous and they play the part rather well. It was a fine match with some good crowd heat. 

- In the main event, Dean Ambrose prevailed over Luke Harper following the Dirty Deeds. Chairs, a kendo stick and two tables were used. Harper tossed Ambrose off the ramp way to the floor, which was unique to see at a house show. Prior to the finish, New Day, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Rusev and Ryback all got involved. Ryback got a HUGE ovation for making the final save. There was also a minor 2CW chant during the match, as Luke Harper regularly competed for the company as Brodie Lee from 2007 to 2012. 

The best matches on the show were the tag match, Neville/Barrett and the main event was fine for the basic “extreme” stuff they did. Ryback and Dean Ambrose were the most popular guys by a large margin. Rusev and New Day got the most heat from the Syracuse crowd. 

WWE returns to Syracuse on September 27th.