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WWE house show report 5-10 Wheeling, WV: Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton, Kane vs. Roman Reigns (updated with more news)

By Gary Graham

1. Dolph Ziggler beat Sheamus in 15:00. Good match. Sheamus got good heat and lots of 'You look stupid" chants. Seeing him up close with that look I agree. Cool spot with Dolph getting a fameasser out of a power bomb try by Sheamus. Great near falls at the end with Dolph winning with the Zig Zag.

2.Natalya(who was over big).Emma and Charlotte Flair beat Cameron, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox in 14.:00 when  Summer tapped to Natalya's sharpshooter. Not bad. Charlotte sold a lot of the way and needs to learn selling from her dad badly. Her offense was good though including a great looking dropkick(obviously not learned from here dad).Great pop for the hot tag to Nattie.

3.Zack Ryder beat Curtis Axel in about 9 minutes.. Dull match. Nobody cared. Zack won w/ The Rough Ryder. Seems liked decades since Ive seen him get  do that.

4. The Lucha Dragons(Sin Cara & Kalisto) & Jimmy Uso beat Tyler Breeze & Los Matadores in 14 minutes when Jimmy splashed Breeze. Good fast paced match as expected. Fans into the face team a lot. Breeze has the look and skill but just seems to be missing something. Maybe he should try and engage the crowd some.

5. Roman Reigns beat Kane in a "fans choice" match, which of course was chosen as a Streetfight match over a "regular wrestling match." Basically the usual streetfight match w/ kendo stick shots by both,a few chair shots to the back and chest etc. Kane got a near fall with a chokeslam through a table that had the whole arena thinking Roman was gonna lose(Ha).Roam of course won with the spear through a second table set up in a corner. Roman was the 2nd most popular on the show.

6. R-Truth beat Stardust in about 10 minutes. Cody is great in the gimmick but it just seems to go over so many fans' heads. Of course he did the usual pre match promo where he says a major show in coming to (fill in the blank) city and then he says he was joking.Yeah,I can just see WrestleMania in Wheeling. Truth still using the 'Whoop there it is" in 2015 is sad. A funny moment after the match was Cody in the corner and Eden(his wife) going over to him getting him water and him shoving it away and yelling at her for losing.

7.Ryback bear Bray Wyatt in 13 minutes. Pretty good. Bray will make a good face eventually. He got cheered almost as much as Ryback here.Ryback was over pretty good and lots of 'Feed Me More" chants.Ryback won with the Shellshock.

8.Randy Orton beat Seth Rollins by dq in a WWE Title match in 24 minutes. when J and J interfered. Usual great match with these two.Seeing Orton's top rope superplex live and up close is a thing of beauty. Orton was by far the most over and Seth by far had the most heat. Orton's in ring timing is the best Ive ever seen in watching this business for 40 years now. He had 2 spot on RKOs out of a attempted curp stomp and a top rope dive post match that were so well timed. Seth also RKO'd Randy in the match. These two showed what PRO WRESTLING is all about.

Most over

1.Orton.Reigns. Natalya(yes,Natalya).

Most heat:


By James Tighe

- Dolph Ziggler pinned Sheamus after a superkick and zig-zag in the 14th minute.

- Emma, Charlotte and Natalya beat Alicia Fox, Cameron and Summr Rae when Natalya used the sharpshooter on Summer Rae in the 10th minute.

- Zack Ryder took the measure of Curtis Axel with a Thesz Press in the 8th minute.

- The Lucha Dragons and Jimmy Uso defeated Los Matodores and Tyler Breeze. The end came when Jimmy answered the beauty kick with a superkick of his own and a tope rope splash on Breeze in the 11th minute.

- Roman Reigns got the 1-2-3 on Kane in a street fight after spearing him through a table in the 13th minute.

- R-Truth pinned Stardust in the 8th minute after a clothesline.

- Ryback shell-shocked Bray Wyatt in the 13th minute.

- Randy Orton got the DQ victory over WWE Champion Seth Rollins when J&J interfered in the 26th minute.  Orton RKO’ed all three post-match including a perfectly timed RKO to Seth after Rollins leapt off the top rope.

Overall a good, fun show with a vocal crowd.  Biggest pops were for Reigns and Orton.