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WWE house show report 5-16-15: Newark, DE: Roman Reigns vs. Kane

- King Barrett v Neville: Very good match. Crowd was hating Barrett. Neville won with the red arrow.

- Lucha Dragons beat Los Matadores in a good tag team match. Matadores worked a slow heel turn the whole match and bullied the bull entire time.

- R-Truth beat Stardust in a good back and forth until truth hit him with his finisher for the pin. Crowd loved Truth's gimmick.

- Ryback def Bray Wyatt with the shellshock after reversing out of Sister Abigail. Worked a good match, crowd kinda liked Ryback.

- Emma def Alicia Fox. Alicia went nuts and yelled at the crowd for a while. Natalya came out and kicked her ass.

- Sheamus def Dolph Ziggler with a brogue kick in a very good back and forth. Ziggler kicked out at 3 but Charles Robinson called for the bell. Sheamus left looking angry at the finish very quickly.

- Street fight: Roman Reigns def Kane in a good match. Finish was roman spearing Kane thru a table for the pin. Crowd loved Reigns, big pop for the win.