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WWE house show report 7-4 Winnipeg Rollins vs. Ambrose

By Neil Fishman

Here is the results from the July 4th, 2015 WWE Live House Show from Winnipeg, MB, Canada

The show started with the Canadian National Anthem. 

(1) The Prime Time Players def. The Ascension to retain the WWE tag team titles.

Titus O'Neil got the pin in the match.  Not much to it.  A lot of rest holds and a bit too long but a good opener for the crowd.

(2) Fandango def. Adam Rose

Adam Rose came out and started heckling the live crowd, talking about Rosa not being with him so she could look after the new puppy he got her.  Fandango came out and won with a rollup in a short match.

(3) Curtis Axel & Damien Sandow def. Brad Maddox & Heath Slater.

Brad Maddox came out first.  He said he was going to bring out a special tag team partner who he was going to team up with the first time and become the best tag team in WWE History.  Heath Slater came out and they hugged on the ramp.  Out came the Mega Powers to a huge pop!  Axel won the match with a leg drop on Maddox.  A pretty good comedy match.

(4) Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt

Great match back and forth.  Bray is really over here, much more than Roman Reigns to the live crowd.  Roman won when Bray went for the Sister Abigail but Reigns got out of it and hit the spear off the ropes for the win. 

They had a crowd vote for the Diva's match coming up after the break.  We could vote for either a singles match or tag match.  Kind of a weird crowd vote for a diva's match but I digress.

(5) Natalya & Alicia Fox def. Summer Rae & Cameron.

After intermission, they announced that the crowd chose the Tag match with Emma being the special guest referee.
Match was fairly slow especially when Cameron was in.  Match ended when Summer Rae was yelling at Emma for a slow 2 count when Emma pushed Summer Rae into Natalya and Natalya hit the sharpshooter for the win.

(6) Ryback def. Big Show & The Miz in a triple threat match to retain the I.C. title

The match started with The Miz trying to convince Ryback to team up and take out Big Show.  When Ryback said no, The Miz went to Big Show and tried to convince him to team up to take out Ryback which they did for only a short period of time.  Nice spot in the match when The Miz did a sunset flip on Big Show but he couldn't pull him over for the pin so Ryback grabbed Miz's legs and flipped him up into Big Show's groin.  Got a good laugh from the crowd.  Finish came with Miz on the outside of the ring, Ryback gave Big Show the Shell Shock, Miz came in the for save.  Ryback then gave Miz the Shell Shock right after and won the match.  

(7) Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE world title in a Winnipeg Street Fight. 

Definitely the match of the night.  They fought in and out of the ring but didn't enter the crowd the entire match.  Crowd chanting heavy for tables.  Match finished with a nice sequence.  They teased a table spot for a little bit until Rollins hit Ambrose with a powerbomb into a leaned up table against the turnbuckles.  2 count.  Ambrose got back up and hit a dirty deeds for 2.  Ambrose than grabbed another table, set it up, hit a top rope elbow onto Rollins through the table when Bray Wyatt came out, broke up the pin and hit a Sister Abigail for the DQ.  With Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt double teaming Ambrose,  Roman Reigns came out and cleared the ring.  Ambrose and Reigns celebrated with the crowd and that ended the night.

Overall it was a great show with Rollins and Ambrose definitely having the best match.  Hopefully when they come back next time, they can come with a few different wrestlers as it was essentially the same crew as the December 2014 show they brought.  Great time as always and the crowd was hot the whole night for the show.

Biggest Pops:

Dean Ambrose
Bray Wyatt
The Mega Powers
Roman Reigns (for the most part)

Biggest Heat:

Seth Rollins
Adam Rose
The Miz

By S Carson

Matches, in order:

PTP vs Ascencion for tag team championships, Titus pins Konnor after ragdolling him (15 mins)

Adam Rose vs Fandango, Fandango wins (8 minutes)

Axelmania / Macho Mandow vs Brad Maddox and Heath Slater, Axel pins Maddox after leg drop (10 minutes)

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt, Reigns pins Wyatt after one spear (18 minutes, very good match)

Natalya / Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae / Cameron (special guest referee Emma), Natalya pins Cameron after 8 boring minutes

Ryback vs Big Show vs Miz for Intercontinental Championship, Ryback pins Miz with shellshock (15 minutes, good match)

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (street fight) for WWE WHC, Rollins pins Ambrose after Bray Wyatt interferes and hits Sister Abigail on Ambrose. Reigns comes out after the match to spear Wyatt (30 mins, too many rest spots but otherwise a good match)