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WWE Ft. Meyers, FL, results: Roman Reigns vs. Rusev, Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Rusev vs. Reigns

Submitted by Drew Goldfarb

Opened with national anthem (took photo as it ended). Arena doesn't seat a lot (lowers are 21 rows deep, no club/uppers). Of seats available, floor is sold out, bowl is about 75%.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

Ziggler got a nice pop while Tyler Breeze had lots of pictures being taken during his entrance, he had his live cell phone tron). Crowd HEAVILY behind Ziggler. Ziggler mocked Breeze's pose in the corner to a big cheer. Ziggler won on a super kick. Nothing you wouldn't expect from these guys. Solid, fun match, but nothing overly special.

Curtis Axel vs. Braun Strowman

Axel got no real crowd reaction, though a couple of people cheered) while Strowman got CHEERS, believe it or not...entered to a weird non-theme, just some rumbling sounds that sounded like the noise when the Star Destroyer is slowly passing overhead in Star Wars... NO tron image... "fireflies" came out from stands. Strowman tried to draw heat, and was cheered. Finally got some boos when he went into the slow, submission offense. Strowman won with his shoulder-carry side drop slam... and was cheered again. Axel never knocked Strowman off his feet. Not a single semi-interesting spot or moment in the match. Strowman is SO dull.

Ambrose cut a promo on Owens on the tron next previewing their IC Title match tonight.

U.S. Champion Alberto del Rio vs. Chris Jericho: non-title

Crowd member (a kid) allowed to introduce next match. Jericho (introduced to MASSIVE pop) vs Del Rio (boo'd widely, though a pocket of cheers in one section). Non-title match. Del Rio tore up the sign of the fan in the backwards red hat who's always at these shows and thee the pieces back at him. No idea what the sign said. USA chant, even though Jericho's Canadian.  Jericho wiped his armpits and under his crotch with ADR's shirt when he laid it on the turnbuckle, then threw it to the crowd (ew?). During the match, Del Rio grabbed the fan's hat and flung it to the back row of the floor seats. Del Rio had the arm breaker over the ropes til the 5 count which was a nice spot.

Jericho rolled out of the arm breaker and into the Walls (crab-style). Del Rio reached the ropes for the break. Jericho hit the Codebreaker for the win after avoiding the top-rope stomp while tied up in the second rope. The 10 kids around me were REALLY into this match. It was as entertained as I've ever been by an ADR match, though I typically find him really boring. Jericho signed autographs and had fun pumping up the crowd after the match... seemed to be enjoying himself. 

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Usos

New Day introduced to mixed response, but most people responded...Big E and Kofi twerked over the smoke blasts while Xavier danced between them...Big E did snow angels in the ring...I love these guys) vs Usos (got a nice, all-positive reaction). Xavier borrowed (and then returned) a sign saying RIP with the trombone and held it up with the other members around him. Kofi and Xavier in the match. Teams traded dancing/taunting funny spots early. Spot of the match: with one Uso standing on the second ripe and holding the top rope up, the other five through his legs to the outside. Big E distracted the ref from an Uso pin, distraction allowed Xavier to get the pin on a roll up to retain.

Really good match, though Big E stole it for me, taunting the announcers (he ate some paper he took from one of them) and fans and dancing around. Big E attacked Usos as soon as the bell ended the match and cleared the ring to dance around as a team. Usos attacked New Day and hit the big splash on Big E after a minute and posed with the belts before leaving them in the ring. Big E sold his left leg on his way up the ramp, but that may have just been him being Big E goofy.

WWE I-C Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Owens was booed and walked up to barricade and stared down a kid for a moment to taunt him, while Ambrose got big cheers at least on par with Ziggler, only more sustained through the entrance, though not QUITE what Jericho got. KO attacked Ambrose before he entered the ring as he stood on the apron and posed with the belt. Ref started the match as soon as Ambrose was standing up in the ring. Ambrose hit the dive through the ropes after KO started with all of the offense. KO hit the cannonball for a two count. A

mbrose suplexed KO off the top (Ambrose was standing on the second rope) then went for Dirty Deeds but was blocked. Ambrose connected on his rebound clothesline for two and the top rope elbow to a standing KO for a near-fall. Ambrose countered Popup Powerbomb with a hurricanrana, then kicked out of the PuPB when KO hit it the second try. After distracting the ref by undoing the turnbuckle, KO grabbed a chair but was caught by the ref. Ambrose tried a roll-up but KO kicked out. Ambrose's rebound clothesline was ducked, but he twisted it into Dirty Deeds for the pin. Really good match, as you'd expect.

> Intermission

Becky Lynch vs. Tamina (w/Alicia Fox as special ref

Tamina was with Naomi... Titantron showed Sasha Banks' name first and I got excited... no real response for Tamina while Lynch got a nice positive response. A "Becky" chant prematch and a few during. Becky got no offense for the first 75% of the match but won on a roll-up. Alicia played no role. Tamina and Naomi attacked Alicia and mostly Becky post match and Natty made the surprise save to a nice pop. Natty applied the sharpshooter to Tamina for a minute before Tamina and Naomi escaped.

Bray Wyatt vs. Kane

Wyatt was with Braun... cheered during entrance with plenty of fireflies), while Kane got a MASSIVE pop, like Jericho. Big "Kane! Kane!" cheer prematch. Wyatt did a small DX-like crotch chop as a taunt to the crowd at one point, which was odd. More of the HHH crotch flick than the full-fledged chop. Anyway... Bray was boo'd throughout the match. Braun and Kane had a stare down at one point. Fun spot where each did their special sit-up (Bray's crab, Kane's sit) at the same time... didn't let it breathe, though, and it was over too quick to enjoy, unlike the Brock/Taker one at SS. Strowman interference allowed Bray to hit Sister Abigail for the pin. People boo'd a LOT. I didn't realize people anywhere still loved Kane like this (and not just in the "you've done a lot for us, so I like and respect you" way).

Nice "thank you fans" video shown on tron. Well edited as always.

WWE Champion Roman Reigns vs. Rusev (w/Lana)

Lana cut a promo to major boos while Reigns got biggest pop of the night, though may have been only slightly more than Kane's. Reigns entered through the crowd. CONSTANT pro-Roman chants. The people love Roman Reigns. A Lana distraction allows Rusev to lock in the Accolade. Reigns gets out of it and hits a spear for the pin fall victory. Entertaining match.