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WWE house show results 4-8-15: Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton kicks off European tour in Glasgow, Scotland

by Lewis Kemp

- A near capacity crowd at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow where treated to a pretty stacked show, with both the US and Heavyweight Championships being defended. 

- Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper. Ambrose was very over with the Glasgow crowd, only Cena got a better reaction the whole night. Ambrose grabbed the win after a clothesline and Dirty Deeds combo. 

- Zack Ryder defeated Bo Dallas. Zack Ryder won with the Zack-Attack although the crowd were pretty dead for the majority of the match. 

- Rangers soccer player, Kenny Miller was announced as the special guest timekeeper for the next match. This was greeted with a very mixed reaction as the crowd was split between Rangers fans and fans of local rivals Celtic. 

- Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension. The Lucha chant was pretty over with the Glasgow audience. Kalisto tagged in Sin Cara who performed a swanton bomb for the pin. 

- Stardust defeated Goldust. Pre-match Stardust plugged the fact that the WWE Network was free for the month of April. He then proceeded to goad the crowd into believing the Royal Rumble would be held in Glasgow next year before announcing that it obviously wouldn't be held in Glasgow . Stardust pushed Goldust into the ref, and got the roll-up for the win. 

- John Cena defeated Rusev w/Lana to retain US Championship. Cena got the biggest pop of the night, with lots of Cena tops being visible in the audience. Lana got sent to the back mid-match after interference. Rusev had Cena in the accolade before Cena got the babyface comeback and hit the AA for the pin. 

- Naomi and Paige defeated The Bella Twins. Crowd was very quiet, so quiet in fact that Nikki Bella cut a promo mid-match complaining about the lack of crowd participation. Paige submits Brie with the PTO to win the match. 

- Ryback defeated Kane. Both men lived up to the House Show stereotype of "phoning it in", as this match was utterly woeful. Ryback countered the Chokeslam with the Shellshock to win. 

- Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins by DQ. This match was a great back and forth tussle. It was a slower pace than their mania match, but had some excellent near falls towards the end, including one similar to their Mania match a few weeks previously, that Rollins kicked out of. Eventually, J&J Security interfered for the DQ finish just as Orton had Rollins set up for the RKO. J&J set up Orton for the curbstomp post-match but Orton escaped their grip and performed three RKO's. Orton posed on the turnbuckle to send the Glasgow fans home happy. 

Submitted by Craig Donnelly

- HHH welcomes us with a stupid face promo. Doesn't fit at all. The crowd are excited.

- Brandi Rhodes is the announcer.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper: Crowd really hot for Ambrose. Nice "Take a shower" chant on Harper. Back and fourth match from start, Ambrose gets the win in about 7 minutes with the Dirty Deeds.

- Bo Dallas vs. Zack Ryder: Bo cuts a short promo telling us to Bolieve. This should be interesting, I don't think either guy has won a match in about a year. Bo bails to the outside twice doing a lap of honour. Crowd doesn't care much for this one, shockingly. Zach wins with what I think was a "Zach attack" but it's been that long since I've actually seen it. 

- Guest time keeper out next and it's a striker from Sevco (The former Glasgow Rangers). Massive boos.

- Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension: No response either way for the Ascension but a nice pop for the Dragons. Calisto really is small. Ascension dominate early before a hot tag to Calisto. The Dragons win with the swanton

- Promo for Conor's cure. Bracelets are on sale.

- Stardust vs. Goldust: Stardust cuts a promo on how the WWE Network is free in May and claims the Royal Rumble 2016 will be held at this arena. Amazingly half the crowd starts to lose their mind with excitement. He then runs down Glasgow and says he was lying and WWE would never run a big event here. Sad but true. Crowd dead for this one. Light Cody chant at points. There's as many rooting for Stardust as Goldust. Stardust wins with a roll-up. "You still got it" chant from the crowd post match. Extremely generous on that performance.

- U.S. Champion John Cena vs. Rusev: Major heat for Rusev and Lana. Short promo from Lana. She really is excellent at getting the crowd going. Huge pop for Cena. There's one guy chanting "Cena Sucks" but about 10 kids are attacking him. Lana gets a cheap shot on Cena and the ref ejects her. Instead of the crowd cheering this like they are supposed to there's massive boos. Every time Cena hits anything resembling a signature move there's a wee Cena army charging the ring. Cena powers out of the accolade and hits the AA for the win.


- The Bella Twins vs. Naomi & Paige: Big reaction for Paige. Much more solid match than I was expecting. Little to no blown spots. Bella's got the heat on Naomi. Nikki gets on the mic and tells the crowd they are rubbish and she's considering just going home. Seemed like improvisation cause the crowd lost interest. Hot tag to Paige who quickly submits Brie.

- Seth Rollins promo on the screen, couldn't hear what he said.

- Ryback vs. Kane: "Feed me more" is definitely the most over chant of the night. Ryback attempted a flying clothesline off the top rope which was impressive. Ryback gets the win with the shell shock.

WWE Champion Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton: Huge reaction for Orton. Mixture of boos and cheers for Rollins. Some fans struggle to boo the guy, which will likely lead to a successful babyface run down the line. Solid enough match, similar to WrestleMania although you could tell they were in first day of a tour mode. Orton hit the double draping DDT on J&J. Both men kick out of each other's finishers. DQ finish when J&J Storm the ring as Orton sets up for another RKO. They beat him down and Rollins gets on the mic saying the future is now. The set Orton up for the Curb Stomp but he breaks free and hits 3 RKO's. Orton poses to end the show.

Biggest cheers

1. John Cena
2. Randy Orton
3. Tie between Ryback and Ambrose.

Biggest heat

1. Rusev and Lana by a landslide
2. Stardust for his Royal Rumble promo
3. Rollins in patches