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WWE house show results Belfast: Reigns vs. Sheamus

By James Stevenson

Good show overall. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid wrestling from start to finish. Quiet enough crowd, but it always is. Lots of young kids in the crowd.

Cesaro vs Stardust- good match. Cesaro won after a swing and made him submit to the Sharpshooter.

Ryder and Young vs Social Outcasts (Slater and Bo) Outcasts cut a promo calling the town garbage, the usual. Crowd was very into Ryder, who pinned Slater with the Rough Ryder.

Rusev vs Swagger. Okay, quite long. Rusev made Swagger tap to the Accolade.

New Day vs Dudleys vs Usos. Crowd was super into the Usos. No Kofi, heard Xavier say he had to go home. Very good match, Xavier pinned Bubba after blind tagging an Uso who had hit him with the Superfly splash.

Sin Cara vs Tyler Breeze. My second favourite match on the card. The Lucha chant was over, and the crowd got into the match, which i enjoyed. Sin Cara won with the Senton.

Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha. This was match of the night. Crowd loved Sasha and Becky. Ric was over and Charlotte was over as a heel, even though they woo'ed when she woo'ed. Woo will never be a heel thing to do. Anyway, Ric with shenanigans, pulled Sasha out of the ring while she was in the Disarm-her, Charlotte rolled up Becky with feet on the ropes.

Reigns vs Sheamus. Sheamus talked about Northern Ireland and Ireland being different countries and insulted us for being British. Reaction to Roman wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be, but there were a lot of kids there. Back and forth match, decent action. Crowd popped huge when Roman won.