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WWE house show results, Newcastle, England: AMBROSE PINS HHH

Match 1- Ziggler vs Miz ( with Maryse) for the IC Title.

Both were over huge, with Ziggler getting a lot of chants. Miz is so good at heeling it up in front of a crowd and Maryse only help that fact. Miz won in 10 minutes after Maryse got involved, but Ziggler hit a ZigZag after to get his own back.

Match 2- Del Rio vs Sandow

A squash with Del Rio winning in 3 minutes with a Armbreaker. Poor Sandow

Afterwards, Del Rio got on the mic and said that ge hated Newcastle and challeneged anyone in the back to a match.

Match 3- Del Rio vs Fandango

A strange match. I don't think anyone thought Fandango would come out to accept. Del Rio taunted the fans for liking Fandango. Fandango ending up winning with a roll up in about 1 minute.

Match 4- Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens Wwe Newcastle- Robert Coll

A great match with Sami getting alot of " OLE" chants and Owens getting on the mic to say he is going to leave if they continue. A lot of great heel work from Owens, attacking Zayn before the bell and trying to walkout for the count out. Zayn won with the Helluva kick in about 10 min. A good match as expected

Match 5- Divas 8 man tag.

Me and my brother went to get a beer at this point but we came back to see Paige pin Tamina with a rampaige in about 12 minutes. Paige got a great reaction when she came out and i will say that Eva Marie is stunning in person. I can see why Vince may want to push her as the face of the divison, despite her flaws.

Match 6- Jericho vs Styles

Jericho came out to a good pop, before getting boos for slagging of the city and the Aj Styles chants. Aj came out to the biggest reaction of the evening untill the main event. I was surprised bby how many kids loved him. They kept doing his poses so he is over as babyface for sure.

Great match, Styles is smooth in his wrestling and Jericho is so good at the little things. Styles won with a Styles clash in 15 minutes.


Match 7- Axel vs Goldust

We came back to see Axel and Viktor cutting a promo, with Axel saying that Viktor is now a member of the Social Outcast

A basic match with Goldust winning in 5 minutes. The outcasts attacked after, before R-Truth ran out for the save and a dance.

Match 8- Kalisto vs Ryback for the Us Title.

The Lucha chants were very over, and i saw a lot of kids with Kalisto mask so it seems Kalisto has some upper traction.

A basic match, not to different form their Mania match ( Although this properly has a bigger crowd) With Kalisto winning in 8 minutes.

Match 9- Big Show and Kane vs The Wyatts

This.was.boring. I was happy to see Kane and Big show live as they were two of my favourite from when i was a kid, but this match was so slow. The crowd kept themselves entertained with Enzo and New Day chants and i can't blame them .It went 15 minutes which was too long. Big Show and Kane won with a double chokeslam on Rowan in 15 minutes.

Match 10- Triple H vs Dean Ambrose

Triple H came out to a great reaction but Ambrose was pop of the night. The kids near me were going crazy when he came out. A basic, safe match but good none the less. The best spot was Ambrose doing his dive on to Triple H and ending up going into the crowd, which didn't look planned. Ambrose won in 15 minutes after hitting a low blow and dirty deeds.