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WWE Salt Lake City, UT, live results: Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins

Submitted by Tammy Adams & Matthew Cobley

- Cesaro beat Alberto Del Rio

Cesaro and Del Rio had fun by seeing who the crowd would cheer for more. Even the ref got in on the fun.

- Gallows and Anderson beat the Lucha Dragons

- Baron Corbin beat Dolph Ziggler

- Dean Ambrose beat Chris Jericho in a Salt Lake City Street Fight

Jericho cut a promo about how Salt Lake sucks because you can't swim in the lake, because it has so much salt.

- Becky Lynch, Natalya, Paige, and Sasha Banks beat Summer Rae, Eva Marie, Dana Brooke, and WWE Women's Champion Charlotte

Crowd was super loud for Paige and Becky's entrances, actually up there with the noise they made for Ambrose.

- US Champion Rusev (w/Lana) beat Titus O'Neil

They attempted a spot where Titus stood up out of the Accolade. It looked like Titus slipped, or wasn't positioned right, so they gave up on it and Rusev kicked him in the face for the pin.

- WWE Champion Roman Reigns beat A.J. Styles and Seth Rollins in a three way

Fun match. It seemed like they did all the spots they had done on previous house shows. Crowd booed AJ, mostly boos for Rollins, and wild screaming for Reigns.