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WWE injury woes continue with Sheamus arm tendonitis

Photo: @WWESheamus

On Twitter Thursday, former WWE Champion Sheamus released a photo of himself with a cast on his left arm.

We've confirmed that the injury is legitimate, but we don't have much in the way of details other than he has tendonitis in the arm. He isn't expected to be out of the ring for too long, but the timing of when he'll be able to wrestle again has not been determined. 

As of today, the feeling is that he will likely remain on television in storylines but won't be working matches, similar to the role Wade Barrett has been doing in the League of Nations in recent weeks. Sheamus last worked on Raw Monday night in a tag team match with Rusev as his partner against Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose. He missed considerable time in late-2014/early 2015 due to injuries, returning on the March 30th, 2015, edition of RAW.

We are also awaiting confirmation on another upper level WWE wrestler that might be hurt.