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WWE June 12 Springfield, IL, house show results: John Cena vs. Kane, Chris Jericho vs. Luke Harper

Submitteed by Wayne Utt

- IC Champion Ryback defeated Bray Wyatt. Standard match. Wyatt hit an apron DDT in a great moment.

- Bo Dallas cut a promo about how awful Springfield was then promptly lost to Jimmy Uso in a quick match after a superkick and a top rope splash. Bo then blamed the audience for not Bolieving in him and said he wanted someone to come out and give him another chance to win.

- Jack Swagger came out, got jumped by Bo and then came back to snag Bo in an ankle lock for a tap out victory.

- Cesaro defeated Erick Rowan in a great back and forth match. A highlight was Cesaro hitting a running European Uppercut to Rowan, who was leaning against a rail. Cesaro won after swinging Rowan four times before locking in the Sharpshooter for the submission.

- Chris Jericho was out next to hype up the crowd. He asked the audience if he would be a better person to lead WWE than the Authority, which the audience promptly agreed with. In the midst of him revving up the crowd, Luke Harper walked out, smacked the mic out of Jericho's hand. Jericho called for a match and it started. There was an excellent moment where Jericho was punching Harper in the corner and Harper lifted Jericho into a suplex. Jericho looked great and full of energy and the crowd gave him a great ovation.

- The Bellas defeated Tamina and Naomi in a tag match. The match was voted on by the audience (the options were either a one-on-one between Naomi and Nikki or the tag match. The tag match won by a landslide.) This was a good Divas match that featured the women hitting their signature spots. Nikki pinned Naomi after hitting the Rack Attack.

- New Day came out next for a Fatal Four-Way tag match for the Tag Titles. Big E personally told me that I smelled, which I appreciated. Next out was The Miz and Adam Rose as a team, then The Ascension, followed by Axelmania and Macho Mandow. Each team took time cutting promos before the match started up. This match was filled with blind tags, humor and a lot of chaos, but was good fun for the crowd. New Day took the win after Adam Rose took the pin.

- U.S. Champion John Cena defeated Kane in a cage match for the U.S. Title. Standard cage match. Cena was in much better spirits on this visit as last year he spent very little time interacting with the crowd. This time around, he was happy to speak with kids, sign autographs and shake hands. He won after kicking the door in Kane's face and dropping to the floor. He took a moment to note my Kevin Owens shirt and said, "He better be ready." I assured him KO was.

Overall, it was a good show with a decent crowd. Definitely worth the money!