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WWE June 5 Jackson, MS, house show report: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett, Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins cage match

Submitted By Wilson Capps

Jimmy Uso over Bo Dallas

Dallas cut a promo before the match to get some early heat.  Uso went over in a fairly quick match.

Fandango over Adam Rose

We had to witness a few Rose/Rosa make out sessions.  Rosa did a lot to taunt the crowd.  Didn’t realize how good of a valet she was until watching live.  She could be used better.

Jack Swagger over Miz with the Ankle Lock

Miz cut a promo before the match asking everyone if they missed him.  His current act is great.  Swagger got a good reaction, huge USA chants with Miz screaming back at the crowd that he is from the US.  After the match, Miz argued with the ref that he wasn’t tapping out.  Crowd with loud you tapped out chant.  Miz said he wanted another opponent that isn’t Swagger. Out came Sandow as Macho Mandow.  Quick and painless with Mandow winning with the Figure Four.

Divas Champion Nikki over Paige and Naomi

Divas were up next. Twitter vote to determine singles or triple threat match.  Obviously triple threat was the winner. Naomi took the fall.  They got a decent amount of time.  The match was much better than their chamber match last Sunday.

U.S. Champion John Cena beat King Barett

Cena’s open challenge was next.  He did his little speil about the champ is here and what not.  Crowd really wanted Owens, but got King Barrett instead.  Match wasn’t anything special.  Nobody expected Barrett to have a chance.  It was disappointing with no Kevin Owens.  He was advertised until today.  His merchandise was being sold at the vendor too.

Intermission.  Jojo gave some stuff away.

Tag Champions New Day over Prime Time Players & Ascension

After the break, we got the New Day.  They are the best act on TV, no questions asked.  Before the match, they cut a promo, ripping Jackson, but commending them for staying positive for being trash.  After that, they sang ‘We are the Champions’ and that might be the best thing ever.  I got it on video.  As for the match, it was a triple threat between the Prime Time Players and the Ascension.  Good reaction for PTP.  Nothing much for Ascension.  Loud New Day sucks chants.  Finish came when Titus had one of the Ascension beat, but Kofi pushed him out of the ring and scored the win.  After the match, PTP beat down New Day and stood tall with the gold.

Ryback over Bray Wyatt

Such  a shame to see Wyatt where he is now.  His entrance is amazing though.  ‘Fireflies’ everywhere.  Great reaction for Ryback.  Loud ‘Feed Me More’ chants.  Ryback went over in a decent match with Shellshock.

WWE Champion Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton cage match (non-title)

Earlier in the show Rollins said it wasn’t for the title because he didn’t have it because of Ambrose.  It was a great match, probably the best of the night.  Orton won with a great RKO off the cage.  It’s amazing how good he makes it look.  Kudos to Rollins to for great selling.

Overall, it was a great show.  It was my first live event in a few years.  The only disappoint was no Kevin Owens, but he’s just beginning, they’ll be plenty of time to see him in the future.  WWE works hard with their house show matches, wish it could reflect more on TV, especially with the divas.