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WWE June 6 Salt Lake City, Utah, house show results: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

Submitted By Derek Hubbard

Neville vs. Heath Slater

Slater used in-match mic work to generate additional heel heat. Neville produced a set of audible NXT chants. Neville won the match with a school boy and hit the Red Arrow after fending off a Slater post match attack. The crowd loves the Red Arrow.

Stardust vs. R Truth

Stardust faked giving out free merchandise to generate his heel heat. The crowd taunted him with “Cody” chants. I must admit, R Truth’s act comes across much better at a live event than it does on television. R Truth won with his flat liner move after a basic match.

Elimination tag team match: The Lucha Dragons vs. El Matadors vs. Harper and Rowan.

The “Lucha” chant and dance is over big time with the kids. The timing between the Matadors and the Dragons was off. Matadors were eliminated first after a 3D delivered by Harper and Rowan. The highlight of the match was the exchanges between Kallisto and Harper. The Dragons pinned Harper after a Sin Cara Swanton Bomb.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose

This was every Kane and Ambrose match we have seen on WWE television, except slower and much gentler. It was long and pretty bad. Ambrose won with the Dirty Deeds. Ambrose made the rounds around the crowd after the match.

Summer Rae vs. Emma

Summer cut a pre match promo. Emma answered the challenge and defeated Emma after a basic 5 minute match. Emma worked face. Summer played the town jobber, losing a subsequent match to Alicia Fox.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Good effort from both guys and a good match with a number of false finishes. Probably, the match of the night. Sheamus won with his pump kick. Ziggler received the post match appreciation pop.

Street Fight: Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns was over big with the Utah crowd. His entrance generates quite the buzz in the area. Little kids and adults alike rushed to the side of the arena where he was set to come down to the ring. The match was actually very good. Show is an underrated house show performer. They teased the table use nicely and wrestled a smart, and very well laid out match. Reigns scored the pin fall after a spear.


Loudest Pops: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler

Most Heat: Big Show, Sheamus, Kane

Notes: This was the first time they have used the Energy Solutions Arena for a WWE Event in many years. It is a larger arena that hosts the NBA’s Utah Jazz.