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WWE June 7 Pensacola, FL, house show report: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show street fight

Submitted by The Fray Movement

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

Sheamus wins in 13:20 with a Brogue Kick. He worked over Dolph's knee early on, building to the Cloverleaf. Sheamus did five back breakers during the match, at one point using three in a row. He used a Liger Bomb and Ziggler kicked out at two. It took Sheamus two Brogue Kicks to put away Ziggler. Great match. Sheamus was phenomenal. 

Next was a pre-taped Kane promo on Ambrose. He wants Seth's belt back.

Heath Slater vs. Neville

Tremendous 80s heel Memphis mic work by Slater throughout. I mean it was literally like something you'd see on any indie in Mississippi or Alabama these days. Neville wins in 5:30 with a school boy while Slater was cutting another promo. Red Arrow after the match for good measure. 

Stardust cuts a promo about the WWE Network. Then cuts a promo on Pensacola before teasing throwing out gimmicks to the crowd. 

R-Truth vs. Stardust

Truth wins in 6:08 with his finish. Truth threw out shirts to the crowd mid-match. Kids danced with Truth afterward. 

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose wore the WWE Title belt to the ring. Not much to the match but Ambrose was super over. Ambrose wins in 13:09 with Dirty Deeds. 

Intermission and then the show got weird. 

Emma came out to her normal main roster music. No dancing. She proceeds to bury the state of Florida and the United States in general. She calls all the fans dumb. Cuts another promo on #GiveDivasAChance and issues an open challenge. 

Emma vs. Summer Rae

Heel Emma is a lot of fun. Summer wins in 3:34 with a school boy. Emma decides the match didn't count and wants another match. Alicia Fox comes out. 

Emma vs. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox wins in ten seconds after an axe kick. So Emma starts going to the back when she's attacked by Summer Rae who throws her back in the ring. 

Summer Rae beats Emma again

This time in six seconds with a falling leg drop across the chest. Emma tries to leave and one official on the floor actually tells her to get back in the ring. Alicia Fox comes out again. 

Alicia Fox beats Emma with an axe kick in twenty seconds

Maybe the strangest segment I have ever seen on a house show. I believe they did something similar in Salt Lake City last night but this was a downright burial. 

Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores vs. Harper/Rowan in a fan vote Elimination Tag Match

Sin Cara & a Matadore started out but the Matadores were eliminated at 5:10 after a 3D from Harper and Rowan. Shortly thereafter was a sick Kalisto spot where he climbed up Harper's back and did a dive off his shoulders to Rowan on the floor. 
Lucha Dragons win at 13:32 after the Salida del Sol into a Swanton on Harper. 

They actually aired a promo video for the Big Show/Roman Reigns main event street fight. 

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

Roman wins at 19:10 after a spear. Roman was crazy over in his hometown. Weapons came into play about five minutes into the match when Show threw Roman into the steps. Later there was a great spot where Big Show held the mic to Roman's chest before chopping him. Then at another point Roman goes for the pin, Big Show kicks out, and Roman literally bumps from the middle of the ring through the ropes to the floor. Roman bumped all over the place during this match. 

At the ten minute mark, tables came into play when Roman blocked a choke slammed and gave Big Show a Samoan drop through the table for a two count. Multiple superman punches from Roman to take Big Show down. On the fourth one Show gets back up and chokeslams Roman. Kick out. Roman gets up. Hits a fourth Superman punch. Roman goes to spear Show through a second table table. Knockout punch from Big Show. Kickout at two. Show misses a spear and goes through the table. Both back up and Reigns hit the spear to win the match. 

Great main event. Probably better than their match at Extreme Rules. Show closed with Roman cutting a promo about growing up in Pensacola. Great show all around.