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WWE live event results, La Crosse, WI: Baron Corbin pins Cesaro

By Lenny Bakken

Byron Saxon was the host, ring announcer and bell ringer.

1. Kane & Big Show defeated Eric Rowan & Braun Strowman clean pinfall.

2. Sasha Banks defeated Summer Rae with the bank statement.

3. Baron Corbin defeated Cesaro via pinfall.

4. Rusev w/Lana defeated Sin Cara with the camel clutch.

5. Paige & Becky Lynch defeated Lana & Dana Brooks.

6. Vaudevillians vs. Shining Stars vs. New Day in an elimination match:  Vaudevillians first to be eliminated by Shining Stars and then New Day defeated Shining Stars.

7. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dean Ambrose:  Dean Ambrose won via pinfall.

Best spots of the night were in the Ambrose match also. (Dean superplexed ADR off the top rope. Also Dean flew threw the middle ropes onto ADR on the floor.)

Overall a very entertaining show and the crowd seemed very pleased with the talent's efforts.