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WWE live notes from Green Bay tonight

by Josh Hayes

For Superstars:
The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores. Matadores played heel in this match. Crowd liked Titus and Darren. Okay match with Darren pinning a matadore with a double knee gutbuster

Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension. This was every Lucha Dragons vs. Ascension match you've ever seen. Konnor is really bad but everyone cheered all the big moves by the Luchadoers. They won with Sin Cara hitting his one arm powerbomb on Viktor and Kalisto coming off the top with a swanton.

For Raw:
Rollins and crew came out. Rollins got insane heat in the building. Some cheers but the boos were louder. Orton came out to a big pop and then Roman Reigns came out and the place went nuts for the guy. There were a few haters but overall Roman was seen as the biggest star on the show.

Ziggler vs. Barrett: For the first few minutes this match was taking place in an empty arena. Complete silence but the crowd starting getting into the nearfalls. A lot of groaning after the distraction finish from Sheamus.

They showed the New Day backstage and aside from Rollins these guys got the most heat of the night.

Big E vs. Tyson Kidd. Everybody chanted New Day Sucks from the moment they came out and popped for Kidd and Cesaro. Short match kinda disappointing.

Ryback came out and did the Hulk Hogan ear move to get reactions from the crowd i'm guessing during the commercial break. Bo Dallas came out. Not much of a match. Bray Wyatt came out and got a good reaction.

Cena came out. People started the John Cena Sucks song but quickly went away. Good promo thought we were getting a US title match until Heath Slater came out and did dollar store cheap heat by insulting the Packers. Rusev got rid of him. Lana came out and was cheered. 

At this point the show felt like it was in the 3rd hour when we got Stardust and R-Truth. This is when I noticed a lot of people leaving for concessions or the bathroom. Nothing match. People tried to chant Cody but Cody no sold it so the people quit trying.

Adam Rose vs. Fandango. I can't actually believed this happened. Nobody was singing Rose's theme and not many people were Fandangoing. Another nothing match, crowd was getting restless. Rosa started making out with Rose, nobody cared.

Naomi vs. Brie Bella. Bellas got a nice reaction. Naomi got none. No heat here, more people heading towards the bathroom. Nobody cared that Naomi won.

Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose. Ambrose's entrance woke people up and got one of the best reactions of the night. This match was great live. Ambrose would get some offense in and Sheamus would take him down in a chin lock. Things were going great until the Ziggler run in and instead of reacting like a screwjob finish the crowd reacted that Sheamus got away and it was the good kind of heat.

Damien Sandow came out. His titantron is just a picture of himself that just says "Damien Sandow". He did his promo, it was quite good, then Axelmania came out and they did the copying gimmick. This may have sucked on TV but live people were loving it. Crowd popped for the Elbow of Despair.

Neville vs. Luke Harper. This match was awesome live. Neville is amazing live and Harper is enormous compared to him. The only complaint was the botch spot where Neville tried springboarding back into the ring and jumped too high and Harper big booted air and Neville still sold it. Other than that it was a fantastic match.

Kane and Rollins vs. Orton and Reigns. Good tag match. The crowd kept egging Rollins on with the Justin Bieber chants. The finish was great with the Superman punch and the RKO which got the biggest reaction of the night.

After the show went off the air Noble and Mercury yelled at the crowd to respect Rollins as the champion and that he wasn't Justin Bieber. This brought on more Bieber chants and Rollins took the mic vowing to never come back to Green Bay and that the Packers suck, Aaron Rodgers sucked and the Bears were going to win the division and left.

Overall this was a fun show. It kind of slowed down badly during the 2nd hour but came alive again in the 3rd.

Biggest Pops:
1. Reigns
2. Orton
3. Ambrose
4. Neville
5. Cena

Biggest Heat:
1. Rollins
2. New Day
3 Everyone who used the Packers to get cheap heat (Bo, Slater)

Josh Hayes