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WWE live results, Erie, PA: Luke Harper v.s. Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho vs Jack Swagger

By Tim Mello

New Day (Kofi/Xavier w/ Big E) vs League of Nations (Barrett/Sheamus)
  - Pre-Match promo by Xavier giving a reason why he was not with Franceska 2; she was sick because Wade spit on her
  - New Day picked up the victory after Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus

Stardust v.s. Sami Zayn
  - Big pop for Sami
  - Stardust took a while at the beginning of the match to play the crowd
  - lots of Cody chants
  - Zayn won with Helluva Kick
  - Post Match Stardust was in the ring and said he wasn't leaving without a win in the W/L column and issued an open challenge

Stardust v.s. Mark Henry
  - Mark Henry answers the open challenge
  - Henry makes quick work of Stardust w/ World's Strongest Slam

Cass & Enzo w/ Carmella v.s. Dash & Dawson (Non-Title)
  - Good match; Enzo saw the majority of the action on the Cass/Enzo side of things
  - Cass & Enzo picked up the win via Rocket Launcher

Victor v.s. Goldust
  - Goldust won with a roll-up pinfall
  - The Ascension started with a post-match beatdown on Goldust
  - R-Truth came out for the save
  - After thwarting the beatdown Truth and Dust had a moment in the ring
  - Golden Truth chants until they left

Natalya vs Charlotte
  - Both traded teasing the Sharpshooter/Figure Four on each other; opposing maneuvers.
  - Charlotte picked up the victory after Ric Flair interrupted a submission attempt by Nattie.

Chris Jericho vs Jack Swagger
  - Jericho with a pre-match promo on being the best in the world and his displeasure in coming out to AJ Styles chants
  - Swagger had the ankle lock set in until Jericho reversed it into a codebreaker for the victory

Luke Harper v.s. Dean Ambrose
  - Ambrose picked up the win after hitting Dirty Deeds twice and Bray Wyatt was ejected from ringside
  - Post match Wyatt came back out to start a beatdown on Ambrose
  - The New Day came out for the save and pushed Bray back
  - New Day & Ambrose participate in a dance off in the ring as the show ended.

Side Notes:
  - Best reactions of the night were: Dean, Sami, Cass/Enzo, and the New Day
  - Surprising no Miz/Ziggler - they usually hit this live event due to its proximity to Cleveland.
  - Through connections I made my way backstage and a friend had an odd conversation with Bray Wyatt about him getting dreadlocks soon? Not sure the truth behind that but sounds weird for a cult leader.