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WWE London 11/6 house show results: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Sheamus vs. Finn Balor

Submitted by Gary Sweetapple

- From London's O2 Arena

- Dudleys over WWE Tag Team Champions New Day in a non-title handicap tables match when Xavier took the 3D through the table. Crowd was hot for this and was a good start to the evening. Both teams worked very professionally.

- Cesaro over the Miz with the sharpshooter after a short swing. This was a standard and safely worked house show match, good crowd work by both men.

- Becky Lynch over Brie Bella with the armbar. Funny that people still Yes the Daniel Bryan spot with the kicks from Brie. Crowd felt a bit flat for this, it was ok.

- Curtis Axel over Bo Dallas in a short match. He lost quickly and then asked someone to come out from the back to fight as the first fight wasn’t fair. R Truth came out and Bo wanted a dance contest. He danced to "I’m Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred with some goofy moves. Then, as R Truth went to dance, Bo attacked but was quickly beaten again. You can mark this under fun filler.

- Kane over Big Show in a street fight. Ending was a top rope choke slam through a table. Kane was over and Big Show even got a respectable round of a applause as he left. The match was well worked.

- WWE Divas Champion Charlotte over Paige. She got the win with the figure eight. Paige was over with the crowd, Charlotte was booed. Both girls worked hard and put on a respectable match. Much better from these women.

- NXT Champion Finn Balor over Sheamus. Finn won with the double diving foot stomp. Both guys worked well together and worked hard to put on a show. Finn didn’t get the superstar reaction but Sheamus did. However, Finn won over a few people by the end. Match of the night.

- Dolph Ziggler over Tyler Breeze with the zig zag outta nowhere. Tyler, much like Finn, didn’t get a superstar reaction but Ziggler was a welcome star for the crowd. Summer played her part well and both guys worked hard. Good little match.

- Dean Ambrose over WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens by DQ. Well worked with the usual Ambrose & Owens spots, which are always good. They worked well together but a chair shot DQ ending was lame. Cesaro, Sheamus, Ziggler, New Day and Dudleys all came out for the brawl at the end, ending with Big E taking a 3D, then Owens surrounded by the babyfaces and taking Dirty Deeds before Ambrose’s music hit, sending the crowd home fairly satisfied.


- Well attended. The o2 was pretty much full, although the show ran a little long and people started to leave during the main event. It’s not the fault of the guys or the quality of the main event. It’s was a little late (10:30 local time) and with it being a very young crowd, people need to get home Everybody worked well, especially the last few matches of the night.