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WWE London, ON, live results: Charlotte vs. Natalya; Ambrose vs. Styles vs. Rollins


Submitted by Evan Kirby and Mike Couture from the Budweiser Gardens

- WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) def. Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan to retain their titles

New Day came out to a huge reaction. Strowman got dumped over the ropes and Woods did a flip over the ropes onto him. Kingston hit Rowan with Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall at 11:09. Good opener.

- Sheamus def. Sin Cara

Sheamus won with the Brogue kick in 7:03. Sloppy in parts, big botch on a sunset flip by both. Sheamus cut a promo after the match calling Canada a third world country and said that he's the best and can beat anyone in the locker room. Apollo Crews then came out, setting up the next match.

- Apollo Crews def. Sheamus

Sheamus went for White Noise and Crews rolled him up for the pin in 1:37

Kevin Owens promo on Sami Zayn. Says he can't wait to beat Sami and then get out of this place because it sucks. 

- Titus O'Neil & Cesaro def. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

Cesaro gave Dallas the swing and then the Sharpshooter. Dallas tapped out 5:49 into the match. Really fun match, crowd really into both teams. Lots of comedy with the Social Outcasts. Cesaro and O'Neil made a great team. 

- Darren Young def. I-C Champion The Miz by DQ

Miz cut a promo saying that he was the best technical wrestler of all time. Young won by DQ in 10:00 when Maryse just held on to Young's leg, not hitting, just grabbed onto his leg. Miz was great at getting heat and the crowd loves to hate him.

- Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens

Zayn won in 8:02 after Owens beat him down the whole match until Zayn out of nowhere hits the exploder into the corner, then the Helluva kick. Owens got on the mic a few times and trashed the city like he always does. Good match.

- WWE Women's Champion Charlotte def. Natalya to retain her title

Cheers for Natalya, because she's Canadian and a lot of heat for Charlotte. Charlotte won in 10:00 after she rolled Natalya up and put her foot on the ropes. Sloppy in parts and a bit out of sync at times.

- The Usos def. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Good heat for Gallows and Anderson. Not much of a reaction for the Usos. The Usos hit a splash on Anderson for the pin 12:12 into the match. It was fine.

- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose def. AJ Styles and Seth Rollins to retain his title

Ambrose got a big reaction and retained in about 15 minutes after Styles hit Seth with the Phenomenal Forearm, then Ambrose hit Styles with Dirty Deeds.

Overall a decent show, with a pretty receptive and hot crowd. Top bowl had more then half of it blocked off and what was open in the upper bowl was about 50% full. The floor looked to be sold out with a few seats at the back left open here and there.