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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Carrillo, Ali vs. Arturo Ruas


By Skylar Russell for

The Big Takeaway:

This was one of the more enjoyable Main Event episodes in recent memory. Arturo Ruas can really go nicely in the ring, and Ricochet vs. Carrillo was a great match given how much time it was given.

Show Recap:

The matches were filmed at the ThunderDome at Orlando's Amway Center.

Mustafa Ali pinned Arturo Ruas (6:22)

This is Ali's first appearance on Main Event since his return while Ruas made his Main Event debut after appearing on Raw Underground a few times.

Ruas offered a fist bump to Ali but it ended up being bait as he tried to land a roundhouse kick, but Ali dodged it. Commentary tried to strongly put over the fact that Arturo is one of the best strikers in WWE. Ruas hit a great rising knee strike for a two count.

Arturo started to heavily work on the left arm to keep Mustafa down. Ali tried to gain momentum back, but Ruas continued to ground him. Ali hit a nice shotgun dropkick to Ruas' left arm and started to get his momentum back, hitting a series of clotheslines and following those up with a rolling armbreaker.

Mustafa then slapped on a crossface but Ruas quickly broke it up with a rope break. He went to spear Ali in the corner but went shoulder first into the post, which Mustafa followed up by rolling up Ruas, while pinning down his injured arm, for the win.

Ricochet pinned Humberto Carrillo (6:48)

In shocking news, Ricochet was subjected to Main Event yet again.

Both men started with a high five, showing some sportsmanship. Both exchanged arm locks, but Ricochet was the first to take Carrillo to the ground. Carrillo ended up rolling to the outside where Ricochet did his fake out springboard maneuver. Carrillo rolled back in the ring, but Ricochet held his fist out and the two fist bumped. Ricochet took a springboard armdrag and after Ricochet slid out of the ring, Carrillo copied his fakeout springboard move.

Ricochet approached Carrillo in the ring again and Carrillo wanted to bump forearms. They did, but Ricochet followed that up with a phenomenal superkick.

After the commercial break, both exchanged kicks and reversals but the sequence ended with a flush kick to the head of Ricochet. Carrillo eventually made his way to the top where he nailed a missile dropkick but only for a two count.

Both men made it back to their feet and started exchanging kicks, but after dodging four in a row, Ricochet hit a monster X-Kick to the side of Carrillo's head. Ricochet followed it up with a Recoil to a stunned Carrillo to pick up the win.

This was an very enjoyable match, especially given the time they were given.