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WWE Main Event TV Report 4-11-15: Miz vs. Jack Swagger; Fandango vs. R-Truth, Mark Henry vs. Heath Slater

Emma - WWE

By Chris Aiken,

WWE Main Event from Dallas featured more angles than usual on a show that normally features only stand-alone matches. Mizdow continued his program with Miz by taunting him from ringside during a match involving Jack Swagger. Mark Henry did an angle with Heath Slater where Texas pride was apparently on the line. Elsewhere on the show were a women’s match and another match pitting hip hop against flamenco.

Fandango (with Rosa Mendes) beat R-Truth

The show opened with Fandango and Rosa dancing then R-Truth did his rapping entrance along with the call-and-response routine interacting with the crowd. Fandango did not seem impressed as he gyrated his hips in disgust. Truth shined during the outset and went for the ten punches in the corner while perched on the middle rope. Rosa jumped on the apron to cause a distraction and Fandango shoved Truth over the ropes and down to the floor to set up the heat spot. Fandango threw Truth into the barricade. As Fandango got heat on him, Truth got a hope spot but Fandango quickly cut him off. Eventually, Truth made a comeback and ran wild. However, Fandango rammed Truth into the ringpost and used a schoolboy for the pinfall.

Summer Rae beat Emma

Emma got most of her offense in during the early portion of the match. She began to dominate so Summer took a powder. Emma dragged her back in the ring by the hair and hit a crossbody, applied the tarantula and delivered the Emmamite sandwich. Summer soon cut her off then grounded her and began to take over on offense. While the crowd was very quiet and dead for the most part, they did begin to clap in unison at one point to rally for Emma. Emma got in a brief comeback before Summer countered a bodyslam and slid behind Emma. Summer had Emma hooked like she going for an inverted DDT (think scorpion death drop) but instead swung her leg around to deliver a legdrop for the pin.

Mark Henry beat Heath Slater

This was more of an angle than a match. Slater cut an in-ring promo saying he is on Main Event because he is the main event. He really did say that. Slater went on to offer a very negative opinion on the Dallas Cowboys saying they suck. Despite that, he said the fans in Dallas would have someone to cheer for when he is in the main event of WrestleMania next year and wins. Was this guy high? Texas native Mark Henry interrupted him to defend the honor of the Lone Star State and that of the local football team.

In the actual match, Henry blocked a kick from Slater and gave him the world’s strongest slam for the pin in very quick match. Afterwards, Henry celebrated by throwing up the Hook ‘Em Horns hand sign (which is usually more a show of support for the University of Texas than the Dallas Cowboys but both relate to Texas nonetheless). Henry went to the announce booth to shake hands with JBL, a fellow native Texan. Henry goaded JBL into placing his cowboy hat on Henry’s head. Henry threw up the Hook ‘Em Horns again before strolling off.

Jack Swagger beat The Miz

Before the bell the crowd started a “we want Mizdow” chant. They would get their wish minutes later. Swagger went for the ankle lock early on but Miz bailed out of the ring. Swagger would use amateur wrestling moves to gain the advantage and Miz would subsequently try to stall. Miz used a cheapshot so he could gain the advantage. Miz began to pummel him until Swagger cut him off with a flapjack. A few moments later, Miz snapped Swagger on the top rope. As Miz looked to dominate, Mizdow entered the scene to interrupt him. Mizdow cut a promo saying Miz was “bland and irrelevant” without him. Mizdow went on to say he was planning to sit at ringside and watch as Miz makes a fool of himself.

After a commercial break the match continued with Swagger on offense. Miz hit him with a high kick to set up the heat spot. Miz climbed to the top turnbuckle. Mizdow on the house mic told Miz he was ineffective off the top and said it would “behoove” him to get down. Then, Swagger press slammed Miz off the top, which began a Swagger comeback. Following a Swagger bomb, Swagger went to apply the ankle lock but Miz escaped his clutches. Mizdow interrupted the proceedings again and distracted Miz, allowing Swagger to apply the ankle lock. Mizdow kept calling on Miz to tap out and Miz did just that giving Swagger the win via submission.