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WWE Main Event TV Report: Neville vs. Adam Rose, Prime Time Players vs. Ascension

Adrian Neville

By Chris Aiken,

WWE Main Event from Wilkes-Barre (taped 5/26/15) was part of the go-home week of programming leading to Elimination Chamber. The theme of the show seemed to be clotheslines or backdrops over the ropes to the floor since all of the matches featured them except the women’s match. Much of the show focused on hyping the special WWE Network exclusive show coming up.

Prime Time Players beat The Ascension

During their entrance, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young brought a kid out from the crowd and danced with him. Ascension attacked the Players before the bell and they began double teaming Titus. When Viktor jumped off the middle rope, Titus caught him and gave him a fallaway slam. Titus then suplexed Darren on to Viktor. Darren ran wild on Viktor until a blind tag by Connor.

The heels got heat on Darren for a while and cut off the ring. Eventually, Titus came in off a hot tag like a house of fire doing power moves. Titus clotheslined Viktor over the ropes to the floor. Viktor ran back in and Darren backdropped back out the floor. Connor knocked Darren off the apron only to get caught with the Clash of the Titus for the pinfall.

Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater

They slugged it out at the outset. After giving Slater a flapjack, Ryder clotheslined him out to the floor and dropkicked him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Slater clotheslined Ryder out to the apron and proceeded to knock him off the apron to set up the heat spot. Ryder made a comeback and hit a missile dropkick off the middle rope. After a broski boot, Ryder went for the rough rider but Slater blocked it and gave Ryder a neckbreaker. Moments later, Ryder hit the rough rider for the pin.

Divas champion Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella) beat Summer Rae in a nontitle match

Summer got heat on Nikki early on. Nikki made a comeback. She missed a splash in a corner but still managed to give Summer a disaster kick. Summer cut her off with a spin kick. Nikki blocked another kick and delivered the rack attack for the pin.

Bo Dallas got an entrance as he would provide guest commentary for the next match to build for his match against Neville at Elimination Chamber.

Adam Rose, joined by Rosa Mendes, cut a promo before the next match. He addressed the audience and said he gave them the Exotic Express, gave them the Rosebuds and encouraged them to party all the time. According to Rose, they just didn’t get it though. He called his act “high art” but said it was now all gone and it was the fault of the fans. Rose put over Rosa and called her hot. She called him hot and they called each other hot. Rose referred to her as his muse and they rubbed their noses together.

Neville beat Adam Rose (with Rosa)

After some early exchanges, Neville sent Rose out to ringside and Neville did a flip dive over the ropes to the floor. Rosa caused a distraction and her interference allowed Rose to dropkick Neville in his injured knee (which was taped up). Rose began to work over the knee. He rammed the knee into a ringpost and applied a half crab. Rose continued to get heat on Neville and applied an Indian deathlock.

Neville fired up for a comeback. While still selling the knee, Neville managed to use a standing moonsault. Rose cut him off and Neville continued to sell the knee. Rose picked Neville up and gave him a wicked spinebuster. During another comeback, Neville used a rollup for a nearfall followed by an enzuigiri.

When Neville went to the top rope for his finisher, Bo Dallas jumped on the apron to cause a distraction. Neville superkicked Bo off the apron. The distraction allowed Rose to use a schoolboy for a nearfall. Neville escaped and hit the red arrow off the top for the pin.

Afterwards, Bo ran in to attack Neville but he fought him off and backdropped him over the ropes to the floor to close the show.