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WWE Main Event TV Report: new Mega-Powers explode, Stardust vs. R-Truth

Macho Mandow

By Chris Aiken,

WWE Main Event from Ottawa (taped 5-5-15) featured a 1980s redux as Damien Sandow transformed into Macho Mandow in a match against #Axelmania. While the faux Mega Powers did explode, both eventually would fall prey to an attack by another sort of ‘80s spoof. Elsewhere on the show, R-Truth had a match with Stardust that actually did not involve spiders. Also, Bo Dallas and Jack Swagger had a quick match. In addition, the Exotic Express included a lot of public displays of affection in the opening match.

The show opened with Jojo introducing the Rosebuds and Adam Rose with Rosa Mendes hand-in-hand. To say Rosa flaunted her sexuality would be an understatement. To separate her and keep her from blending in with the Rosebuds, Rosa stood at ringside on the opposite side of the ring than the Rosebuds. She also took Rose’s lollipop for safe keeping.

Adam Rose (with Rosa & the Rosebuds) beat Zack Ryder

After some early exchanges, Ryder clotheslined Rose over the top rope and out to the floor. Ryder also dropkicked him off the apron. Rosa looked concerned. Rose tripped up Ryder on the apron and trapped him in the ring skirt for a moment. Back in the ring, Rose draped Ryder on the ropes, allowing Rosa to slap him. Rose gave Ryder a spinebuster. Rose paused so he and Rosa could start kissing and make out.

Rose went for a suplex but Ryder countered into a neckbreaker to start a comeback. Ryder jumped off the middle rope with a missile dropkick. He followed that with a running forearm into a corner to set up the broski boot. Rose took a powder and bailed out of the ring. Ryder took him out with a baseball slide and rolled him back in. Ryder signaled for the rough rider finisher. Rose blocked the move and delivered the party foul for the pinfall. Rose and Rosa made out some more afterwards as they rolled around the mat.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Damien Sandow. Curtis Axel interrupted the proceedings and cut a promo impersonating Hulk Hogan. He called Sandow a one-trick pony. Sandow said he could do #Axelmania better than Axel. Then, Sandow did an arguably much better Hulkster promo than Axel had previously done. Sandow challenged Axel to a match where both would impersonate Hogan. Axel objected to that so Sandow basically said he would impersonate “Macho Man” Randy Savage instead. Axel angrily stormed off as Sandow cut a promo impersonating Savage.

Jack Swagger beat Bo Dallas

Bo sang to the crowd and told them they are a lot like the Senators (a local pro hockey team) since the city does not live up to its potential. However, he said they could change that if they only BO-lieved. In the match, Bo took the majority of the offense and mugged for the crowd. Swagger countered with a slam followed by a Swagger bomb. A moment later, Swagger applied the ankle lock and Dallas tapped out for the submission to end a quick match.

Curtis Axel vs. Damien Sandow ended in a no contest when Ascension ran in

Sandow entered to “Pomp and Circumstance” while impersonating Randy Savage. The crowd chanted “Macho Mandow” and they were very into Sandow’s act. Sandow started off the match with a flurry of punches and offense until Axel cut him off. Sandow quickly fired up and snapped Axel on the top rope. Axel bailed out of the ring at one point, allowing Sandow to dive off the apron with a double ax handle. Back inside the ring, Axel hulked up like Hogan, did the finger point of doom, gave Sandow the big boot and went for the legdrop. Sandow countered with a clothesline to set up the finish.

Sandow climbed to the top turnbuckle seemingly to drop the elbow. The Ascension ran in and shoved Sandow off the top to end the match via outside interference. Ascension proceeded to attack both Axel and Sandow. They gave them each the fall of man finisher. Ascension then cut a promo over their fallen bodies. They called them jokes and crappy throwbacks to the 1980s, which they noted was the worst era in sports entertainment according to them. Ascension concluded by saying a new day is dawning in tag team wrestling and that was total destruction, which somehow involves them apparently. JBL called the match the single worst thing he had seen in his entire life. It was not that bad.

Stardust beat R-Truth

Spiders played no part in this match thankfully. Truth rapped his way to the ring. Stardust pranced and did a cartwheel on the stage. They played to the crowd early on in the match itself, which is somewhat unlike a typical televised WWE match. Truth clotheslined Stardust over the ropes and Stardust went out to the floor where he teased walking out on the match before a commercial. He must have decided to stay because after the break he was still in the match.

Stardust briefly began working the arm. He did another cartwheel before grounding Truth. After starting a comeback, Truth executed a scissors kick then a suplex into a stunner for two nearfalls. Stardust snapped Truth on the top rope and hit the disaster kick for the pin. Afterwards, Stardust climbed atop the announce desk to celebrate and rant. He stole JBL’s cowboy hat and wore it as the show closed.