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WWE Main Event TV Report: Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler, Bo Dallas vs. Zack Ryder

By Chris Aiken,

This show was taped on April 14, 2015.

WWE Main Event from London featured Rusev threatening John Cena with a chain and Lana making a prediction. Also, Rusev crush amid a Dolph Ziggler rally. Bo Dallas tried to inspire a United Kingdom crowd with his words and a match with Zack Ryder. With a twin brother out of action due to injury, Jimmy Uso went for a supposed measure of revenge against Xavier Woods. In addition, Layla in her home country had a match with Emma on a show with the theme of having a lot of spots happening out of nowhere.

JoJo opened the show as ring announcer and she introduced Bo Dallas. Speaking to the audience, Bo wished he could tell them he was glad to be back in England except, like George Washington, he could tell no lie. He went on to claim the UK was boring. He cut a promo on the weather, the food and the people in general. However, he said they could all change if only they BOlieved.

Bo Dallas beat Zack Ryder

Bo wildly celebrated executing an arm drag early on, allowing Ryder to hit a dropkick and send Bo up for a flapjack. Bo tripped up Zack when he went for ten punches in a corner. Just as Bo began to pummel him, Zack fired up and got his knees up when Bo went barreling into a corner. Zack jumped off the middle rope with a missile dropkick. Ryder delivered an elbow smash into a corner to set up the broski boot. Bo bailed out of the ring to avoid it and Zack went to drag Bo back in the ring. Bo tripped him up and came back into the ring to give Zack the running Bodog for the pinfall. To celebrate, Bo ran around the ring with is arms in the air. On commentary, JBL told Michael Cole he was inspired by Bo winning.

Layla beat Emma

UK native Layla got a showcase match in her home country. They started off with several reversals, counters and nearfalls until Layla blindsided Emma and went on to apply a headscissors while hanging upside down in the ropes. Emma made a comeback with a series of clotheslines followed by her applying the tarantula in the ropes. After a high kick giving Emma a nearfall, Layla cut her off out of nowhere and went for a swinging neckbreaker. Unfortunately, Emma landed awkwardly in what looked to be an ugly accident and Layla pinned her clean.

Jimmy Uso vs. Xavier Woods

An underlying grudge for this match was Woods supposedly contributing to the shoulder injury suffered by Jimmy’s brother Jey Uso. Though Jey was “cleared” according to the recap shown, he would need surgery after the injury angle on the WrestleMania kickoff show. In this particular match, Jimmy shined at the outset despite Xavier mocking the shoulder injury and clapping to “New Day sucks” chants. Xavier sidestepped a charge and Jimmy snapped himself on the middle rope to setup the heat spot.

Moments later, Xavier executed “Into the Woods,” which is his handspring front flip into a lariat. Nevertheless, Jimmy started a comeback into a Samoan drop. Xavier escaped an attempted splash only to get thrown over the top rope and out on the apron. Perched on the ropes Xavier leapt back into the ring delivering a tornado DDT. Continuing the theme of finishes out of nowhere, Jimmy threw a superkick and dove off the top with a Superfly splash to score the pin.

Just in passing while they were briefly on camera, JBL asked Cole about his storyline lawsuit against Brock Lesner and Cole declined to comment publicly and quickly moved on to another subject.

Rusev marched to the ring with a chain hanging from around his neck with Lana accompanying him. Lana cut a promo saying it is only a matter of time before “Cena is broken once and for all.” She ambiguously claimed the United States would be the first to lose seemingly due to Cena losing an upcoming pro wrestling gimmick match.

Rusev put over the Russian chain as the implement in the destruction of John Cena leading up to their upcoming Russian chain match set for Extreme Rules. Rusev said Cena would beg him to quit hitting him with the chain. Rusev added he would drag him around on his way to victory. The entrance theme song of Dolph Ziggler sounded to interrupt the promo and set the stage for the featured match on Main Event from London.

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler

Rusev crush from the start. Dolph rallied but Rusev crush. Ziggler flipped up and over Rusev and hit a dropkick then went for his swinging neckbreaker. Yet Rusev crush. Having been flung to the side, Dolph rolled out of the ring before a commercial. After the break, Rusev crush some more. Ziggler had a rally and made a comeback leading to him giving Rusev a delayed swinging DDT. Despite the Ziggler rally, Rusev still crush.

They went into a series of false finishes and nearfalls. Ziggler dodged a kick and jumped on the back of Rusev to apply a sleeper. Rusev tossed him aside only to walk into a famouser from Dolph for a nearfall. Rusev avoided the zig zag and blocked a kick before hitting a superkick for a nearfall. Ziggler scrambled to the ropes when Rusev signaled for the accolade. A moment later, Dolph rolled up Rusev with a schoolboy for a nearfall. Rusev crush with a belly-to-belly suplex.

In concluding the out of nowhere theme and the final nearfall in the match, Rusev posted Ziggler twice. With all hope looking lost, Ziggler almost miraculously gave Rusev a superkick out of nowhere but only for a nearfall. Then, Rusev crush and eventually won with the accolade when Dolph tapped out for the submission.