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WWE makes major redundancy cuts throughout several departments


This story was updated at 9:15 PM Eastern.

WWE made a number of major cuts in various departments Tuesday in a consolidation effort.

Those within the company categorized the reason as a re-examining of the business due to COVID-19 and discovering a lot of redundancy in duties. The result is that some divisions will be merging under Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn.

The biggest name let go was Jaylar Donlan, Executive Vice President of Advanced Media, while the other major name released was Brian Pellegatto, Senior Vice President of Production. The Advanced Media departments in both the U.S. and UK. were heavily pared down as well which included producers, associate producers and those in both digital and WWE Network.  

Wrestlenomics reported that Jay Rosenstock, EVP of International Television, and Makham Nolan, VP of Media Operations, were also let go.

James Wortman, a content director with WWE, confirmed on Twitter he was part of today’s cuts. Adam Kirshner, a digital video producer in WWE, also was part of the cuts.

Deadline covered the large scale WWE Studios cuts in both Stamford, CT, and Los Angeles, CA, reporting that the news was given by Khan via a phone call.

One example of a redundancy that was noted to us was the presence of two different graphics departments, one for television and one for digital.

The company, which currently occupies two buildings in Stamford will be moving into a single new building next year -- the construction of which was delayed due to the pandemic.