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WWE Manila, PHL, live results: Owens vs. Zayn vs. Rollins; Cena vs. Big Show


Submitted by Guio Martinez from the Mall of Asia Arena.

- Cesaro defeated Sheamus

Cesaro won by submission with the sharpshooter in a quick 10-minute match.  Hot crowd from the start, with both guys getting good pops during their entrance

- Braun Strowman defeated Goldust

Strowman won with a bear hug. He got some heat when he came out, but it fizzled towards the end of the match. Goldust got a nice pop from the crowd, especially from the older part of the audience. The match went longer than expected and wasn't a standard squash.

- Charlotte cut a pre-taped promo where she referred to Sasha Banks as "Sasha Wanks."

- Neville defeated Curtis Axel w/ Bo Dallas

Neville won by pinfall following a Red Arrow in a quick match. A glorified squash, with Neville taking the lead for the match. Crowd didn't seem to care for Axel. He didn't get much of a response when he came out. Dallas got more heat than he did. 

- Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and The Shining Stars in a triple threat match to retain their titles

Big E and Woods won by pinfall after hitting Midnight Hour on Anderson. The New Day were way over with the Manila crowd. Lots of Booty O's shirts in the audience.

More of a comedy match, with New Day taking their time in throwing their shirts to the crowd before the match started. The Shining Stars kept on using the "too sweet" sign to tag in Gallows and Anderson.

- A Sasha Banks pre-taped promo aired.

- John Cena defeated Big Show

Cena won by pinfall after hitting the AA. Big Show got a huge pop, but it was pretty obvious from the start that he would be playing heel tonight as he didn't pander to the crowd much. A huge "AJ Styles" chant broke out before they rang the bell. Cena seemed amused to hear it. 

Highlight of the night was Big Show attempting to do a splash on Cena off the second rope and, to the delight of the crowd, it broke.

- Raw Women's Champion Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks to retain her title

Charlotte won by pinfall following a roll-up with her feet on the ropes. Banks got a nice pop when she came out. Crowd was definitely behind her throughout the match. Banks was selling her back injury during the first half of the match.

- Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho

Reigns won by pinfall after hitting a spear. Jericho was way over with the crowd. He cut a standard heel promo before the match, in which he called the Philippines a "stinky place" to try and get the crowd to turn on him.

Reigns was showered with heat. Probably the only guy on the roster who actually drew a lot of heat during the show. But there were fewer boos as the match went on.

- WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins in a triple threat match to retain his title

Owens retained by pinfall following a pop-up powerbomb on Zayn. Rollins came out to a huge ovation, with him playing up to the crowd. Zayn also got a huge pop, and the crowd was solidly behind him during the match. Owens got a great reaction too, mixed with some boos from the younger crowd.

Definitely the match of the night. A lot of false finishes and great in-ring work from all three. 

After the match, Owens set up Zayn for another powerbomb but Rollins ran in to make the save. Zayn hit the Helluva Kick on Owens, followed by a Pedigree from Rollins on Owens as well. Rollins shook Zayn's hand right after and left him in the ring. Zayn closed the show to send the fans home happy.