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WWE Moline, IL, live results: Dean, Kevin, AJ & Charlotte

Submitted by Jared Walsh from the iWireless Center in Moline, IL

- Show opened with a video package promoting Wrestlemania. Eden Stiles was on the mic as the ring announcer.

- AJ Styles defeated the Miz via pinfall

Solid match to start the show. Miz opened the match by cutting a promo on the Quad City fans, letting them know how fat and sweaty they were. He then proceeded to beg off,
complaining that AJ had previously knocked out his teeth and claiming he was getting recompense in this match. Miz drew a lot of heat after tearing up an AJ Styles sign held by a child in the front row. Lots of good action: Pele kick, AJ kicking out of the Skull-Crushing Finale, and AJ winning with the flying forearm.

- Darren Young and Jack Swagger defeated Curtis Axel and Adam Rose via submission

Rose and Axel opened with a promo stating that they'd be going viral and the fans were morons. Good back and forth action. Axel's heel tactics were probably the highlight, as he interacted well with the crowd. He even told me to sit down and shut up on a few occasions. Swagger submitted Axel with the Patriot Lock after hitting the Swagger Bomb on both Rose and Axel.

- Kalisto defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall to retain the U.S. Championship

Barrett dictated the pace for much of the match with all sorts of unsavory tactics. Barrett worked the referee very well, holding until the five count on holds and refusing to break until then. Kalisto stole a victory after hitting the Salida del Sol as he dodged a Bullhammer.

- The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods with Big E at ringside) defeated the Usos and the Dudley Boys via pinfall in a triple threat tag match to retain the Tag Team Championship.

New Day opened with a scathing promo on the citizens of Moline, calling them the "butthole of the Midwest" and commenting on the unwashed nature of Midwest females. Lots of shenanigans before this bout began, as New Day and the Dudleyz really played to the crowd. Match was mostly shouting back and forth between the teams, but very entertaining nonetheless. The Usos stood tall after the match, as New Day quickly retreated and the Dudleyz sought to inflict punishment on the Samoans, but dual superkicks sent Bubba and D-Von from the ring.


- Charlotte (without Ric) defeated Becky Lynch via pinfall to retain the Divas' Championship

Lots of good wrestling early in the match, highlighted by deep, Steamboat-like arm drags from Becky. Charlotte attempted to walk out on the match, but was chased down and dragged back by Becky. Very good action in this match throughout, and the fans were very into Becky during the course of this bout. Charlotte won the match with a school boy while pulling the tights after escaping from the Dis-arm-her. Glad to see no lasting effects from Charlotte's injury scare last week.

- Sheamus defeated Neville via pinfall

This match was back and forth, and Sheamus was kind enough to respond to the multitude of "You Look Stupid" chants by telling the fans that they, in fact, were the ones who looked stupid. Neville hit a few high spots, including a flying crossbody to the outside and a standing shooting star press, but failed to capitalize on his opportunity to hit the Red Arrow. Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick after kicking out of a school boy.

- Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens via disqualification in a match for the Intercontinental Championship

Very physical match between these two competitors. Owens worked Ambrose's knee from the onset of the match after an awkward landing from the top turnbuckle by Ambrose. Dean sold it well throughout the match, earning a lot of sympathy from the fans and was probably the most over wrestler of the night. Owens attempted to hit Dean with a chair, but was stopped by the official and kicked out of a near fall after a quick roll up. Owens then tried to exit the match, but was pulled back in by Ambrose.

Owens was disqualified shorty after for not breaking after the five count while Ambrose was hung up on the turnbuckle. Owens got on the mic to let everyone know he was still the champion and is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time, but was interrupted by a Dirty Deeds from Dean to send the fans home happy. I was exceedingly impressed as Dean continued to sell the knee even after the match as he celebrated with fans at ringside.

Final Thoughts:

An enjoyable, entertaining show overall in Moline. The house show atmosphere is quite different than that of televised shows, as the wrestlers are afforded more of an opportunity to be themselves, interact with the crowd in unique ways, and put on a great show.