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WWE Money In The Bank & NJPW Dominion fan feedback

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

WWE Summerslam Feedback

- Roman might have great matches, but it's impossible to care about his personal feuds, therefore, I don't care about his matches.

- Thumbs up show!

- Best Match: Money In The Bank Ladder Match

- Worst Match: Women's tag match

Brady Childs

- Thumbs up.

- Best match:  Styles-Cena

- Worst match: divas tag

- This was a 3 match show, but the three were really well done. First hour and a half (plus pre-show) was almost filler, although the fatal 4-way was solid.

- Styles-Cena was first rate, made even better by the live crowd. “Money in the Bank” was strong as expected.

- Rollins-Reigns worked hard ; the Ambrose cash-in was well done, and gets the brief case out of the way.

- Enough of Ziggler-Corbin.

Mike Omansky

- Thumbs Up

- Best Match: Cena vs AJ

- Worst Match: goldust/truth vs breeze/fandango

- Great show, overrun didnt drag due to the excitement. Was shocked they had Rollins pin Reigns clean, storyline wise can say Reigns was injured but still pretty surprising as Ambrose could have cashed in during the match. Not complaining just again surprised. Crowd really went nuts for both title changes good vibe in the crowd.

- Cena and Styles was my pick for best match but the MITB and the main event really really delivered. Tag title 4 way was really good until it derailed with a lot of missed moves and other oddball stuff. Nothing offensive in the rest of the card except the opener which was a total waste especially with the long show why have it? Just save that for Raw.

- Did Reigns legit miss the gimmicked wall? How do they effectively delay the Shield three way until Summerslam as in storyline Reigns and Rollins BOTH should have automatic rematches. Of course they blew that up continuity wise before (after mania 31 reigns and brock, and after mania 30 Orton so it comes and goes) but its easy to book. If you take that route, what happens at Battleground...unless thats a Smackdown only PPV?  Its just a "big money" match and would want it saved for one of the big 3 and set up correctly.

- Hope Del Rio is okay. Been said many times before but man do they waste him. The spot with him and Cesaro in the submission hold was pretty cringeworthy in that it took me out of the match worrying about any false move having them both in a terrible position.

Michael O'Brien | Brockton, MA

- WWE Money in the Bank: Thumbs Up

- Best Match: MITB Ladder Match

- Worst Match: Golden Truth vs. Breezango

- Preshow started poorly with the unwanted feud between comedy duos.  I kind of hope these guys are all separated during the draft.  Dudley Boyz vs. Lucha Dragons was decent.  A standard TV match.  Dudley's seem like they are just around to fill space at this point.

- Tag Team Titles four way kicks off the main show with a pretty entertaining match even if it seemed like they forgot what was going on at the end.  Not sure the legal man was even in the ring for the finish.  New Day retains so I guess they will probably break the London/Kendrick record.  They should have those two guys come back at least for one match to work against New Day.  

- Baron Corbin once again beats Dolph Ziggler.  It was a clean finish so I hope that finally puts this feud to rest.  These two also need to not be on the same brand when they do the draft. 

- Womens Tag Match was alright.  They need to mix up the women as far as feuds go.  I guess that's why Natalya turned on Becky.  That was the best thing here and Natalya looked pretty fired up on her heel turn which at least made it look good.  Why the women aren't booked like the men in a sense that there can be multiple feuds going at once instead of just whoever is working with Charlotte is beyond me.  Paige should be in a program as well.  She is being wasted. 

- Apollo Crews wins over Sheamus, but not the right way.  Why did they bring Crews up from NXT?  They have no idea what to do with him.  I guess this program will continue for no reason.  I like Crews, but they need to find a purpose for him.

- So far the show is most certainly not the greatest Money in the Bank in history, but the second half is going to save this show.

- Great match with Styles vs. Cena.  Styles wins which he needed even though he got the outside help, but obviously they will be meeting again.  Best thing by far on this show so far and so far Styles has not disappointed since being in WWE.

- Money in the Bank was another great one.  Very entertaining from start to finish with six top talents.  I had it down to Ambrose and Owens as I'm sure most did.  Ambrose wins to set up a Shield three way.

- Rusev vs. Titus was fine, but again probably a place holder to give Rusev a win.  This feud doesn't need to continue.  Better than the house show match last night in L.A.  Not sure why they added the two original pre show matches to the main show because now it appears we are going long.

- Great main even with Rollins and Reigns.  That Pedigree out of nowhere was great and should have been the finish.  Was actually shocked that they had Roman lose here.  Question is will they actually turn him heel now?  Wait here comes Dean.  Ambrose cashes in on Rollins and Dean becomes the final Shield member to win the TItle.  Looks like we are getting the Shield triple threat match next month or Summer Slam.

Robb Block 

NJPW Dominon Feedback

- Was there live with about osaka crowd. Best match was Elgin v Omega for the car crash spectacle. Nasty bumps, hard work and the crowd exploded at the end.  Naito and Okay was a close second for their hot finish. 

- Worst Match was GOD versus Briscos whom few knew it cared for. Polite reception to the title change. Given their next challengers, I'd say it's best to merge the tag divisions soon. 

Fun match. Sitting for 4 hours was trying but satisfying!

Alvin Lim

Hello. I would go thumbs in the middle on the show. My biggest question/concern is why Naito dropped the belt after 2 months. He was one of, if not the most over guy when he came to the States. Wasn't he also drawing pretty well in Japan too? Los Ingobernables also seemed to be eclipsing Bullet Club in popularity. I didn't expect him to hold it all the way to Jan. 4th, but if he was doing good business, why not go with Naito for 8 months? I like Okada, but from a business perspective, Naito seemed like the better choice. Maybe I'm wrong. With G1 approaching as well, having Naito win the briefcase seems counter productive. The ladder match was fine, would have been better with Tanahashi, but was still pretty decent. The Young Bucks didn't need that win in my opinion, but the 4 way tags are meaningless to me because they've been done so much. Everything else was OK. Thumbs middle.

Andy Henningsen

Thumbs completely middle. It was a great show in terms of match quality (Ospreay/KUSHIDA, Shibata/Nagata, and Elgin/Omega were all amazing), and both the conclusion to the NEVER match and the ladder match in front of fans who didn't know what to expect were amazing moments to take in. However, the main event disappointed me tremendously. I may have just been worn out by that point, but I didn't feel like the match ever properly kicked into its final gear. I was also left kind of depressed to see Los Ingobernables de Japon lose all their matches to CHAOS, and Naito's title reign cut short when it was such a breath of fresh air. I know he'll likely win the G1, but it won't be the same. So while the matches were great, it didn't leave me excited for the future.

- Best Match: Elgin vs. Omega

- Worst Match: The Briscoe Brothers vs. G.O.D.

Ashley from NJ

- Thumbs up

- Best match: Kenny Omega vs. Michael Elgin

- Worst match: Guerrillas of Destiny vs. Briscoe Brothers

- A very solid show where every match was entertaining, especially the Ladder match and the NEVER Title match. My only complaint is that several of the rematches failed to live up to their last meetings (main event, jr title, jr tag titles and Goto/EVIL) so they were less intense by comparison but they were still fun matches. Most importantly: YOSHI-HASHI finally got a big show win, so I'm a happy man.

Nick Randall

- Best match: Ladder match. 

- Worst match:  Goto vs Evil (didn't count the Jay white send off as it was pre show)

- I honestly didn't enjoy this show as much as I thought I would. It felt like to me they undid all the work they did building Los ingornables over the past 3 months. Naito vs okada seemed rushed and it's obvious Gedo is playing it safe heading into the G1 with okada champion once again. 

- Thumbs up for most of the show. 

Kellen Barrett

- Thumbs Up

- Best Match: Okada v. Naito

- Dominion followed the trend of NJPW closing out its big shows with three  excellent matches. Omega v. Elgin or Nagata v. Shibata could be easily  seen as the best match of the night.  Beyond an awesome night of  wrestling, the big take away might be New Japan Pro Wrestling booking a  ladder match for the first time and putting such an awesome, inventive match around the gimmick.

NJPW had a good bit of production to go along with the show tonight. The opening video package looked and sounded excellent. The comedic  ladder match introduction also hit its mark.

Casey Goldman